Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last Horse Day For D

This year Preschool has been amazing for Mal & Daws. Wednesday's were a special day for Dawson and Mal. Mallory was out of school for the day and got to spend the morning with just Mom. We baked cookies, played dinosaur bingo, painted nails, had meetings with her Head Start teacher...all so much fun for her!
Dawson spent his Wednesday Mornings riding horses.
The stimulation of the movement and the strengthening of his core muscles were just a little added bonus. Dawson LOVED riding. I am sure it was mostly because he had to get all cozied up to someone and just got to sit there, but still....
This day was truly a "TWIN" double duty day! Ryan took off work to go watch Dawson, because parents were invited, while I took Mally to meet with her teachers for an end of year review for one of her preschools.
Not extremely exciting, but here is a little video Ryan took of his last day at Sage Brush Arena for the school year.
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Norris Fam said...

You can just tell how much those ladies love that little dude! I bet they're going to miss him coming to ride horses!