Saturday, May 30, 2009

D's Favorites

Can I just tell you how much we love this kid?! Well, we do! A LOT!
One of my favorite things is tucking him in and singing his favorite songs to him. Shortly after, he is all cozy and ready to sleep.
Then from the bed above Jake will call down "Where's my Deiter Bubba?"
Dawson always looks straight up! He LOVES Jake! When he hears Jake he looks for him everywhere. He knows Jake is right above him in bed. Usually by just hearing Jake's voice he gets all wound up again and wants to play. I have to say I don't mind. These boys love to be with each other so much!

Jake usually spends a good amount of time on Dawson's bed with him. After we turn out the lights Jake usually crawls down into D's bed and reads while he lays by him for a while. Dawson, of course, doesn't mind at all!
Another of D's favorites would be bath time! I can't remember if I have posted a picture of his bath chair or not. BY FAR the best invention! Dawson used to completely freak out when he took baths. He was so afraid of how unstable he felt. Then we got this baby......
He could stay in there forever. He is all strapped down and cozy. He loves it! We spend a fair amount of time scrubbing his head. That is his favorite thing. He closes his eyes and enjoys every second of it! What a cute little stinker!
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Gear Gang said...

I love this little guy so much.

I remember bathing him when I watched him for you guys- he was so sad and hated it. Seeing him so happy taking his bath makes me so happy.

I miss you guys.

Rideout Family said...

I want to kiss that little face. Oh man, he melts my heart. I love that little guy. I want a turn tucking him in and reading to him. I would love it.