Friday, May 29, 2009

Country Living

We filled the pond a couple of weeks ago, as you saw earlier. This was followed by a little fence around part of it shortly after. The rest of the fence will be shipped soon and we will be all good.
My favorite part is the waterfall. We love cracking the windows at night and listening to it. I love waking up to the birds and the sound of the water! SO fun!
Ryan didn't fill the pond all of the way. When it is all the way full the center is 5 ft. deep. However, as it is Jake can reach through the whole pool. It is also chlorinated, which is so nice. It is a bit cold. With just the sun to warm it, and nights that get into the 40's, well, it has to be pretty darn warm to get me in there!
A week or so ago we had the Singletons & Adams families over for a BBQ. We had a blast. Dawn, Kristin & I ended up playing American Idol on the Wii, while the guys and kids went out to play and sit by a fire. Then before we knew it the guys ended up in the hot tub. SOMEHOW every one of the kids ended up in there with them too!
The highlight came just after dark, which was unfortunate because while my camera was rolling we only caught the sound. Nate jumped out of the hot tub and ran across the lawn to do a Cannonball into the Pond! YIKES! It had just been filled, and it was filled with Well water. So it was only about 43 degrees! It was pretty impressive and way funny! Needless to say, it only took seconds before he was back in the hot tub!

Nate apparently high jacked my camera. I found a few pics of him. This is Nate & Dawn. They are SO MUCH FUN! When you add their 4 kids to our 3 it feels like between us there are 10! They are all over the place and cause quite a few dirty looks at Desperado's! :) Poor Poor Ketchum folk (This doesn't include you Jenn!)! How DARE we bring children out into the public!

We can't wait for a summer filled with friends in our back yard! We are LOVING it here!
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Rideout Family said...

I am missing that country living. I am missing those cute people out there in the country.