Thursday, May 28, 2009


Ok, so last Thursday was a day that I NEVER want to re-live! For one, I spent the morning in the Doctors office with a HORRIBLE pain in my kidney. Needless to say I PRAYED like nobody's business that it was "ONLY" a kidney infection and NOT a Kidney Stone! All the pain, plus more and no baby at the end??? NO THANK YOU!
Prayers were answered. Antibiotics Prescribed!
Then, feeling an extra skip in my step I decided to brave the unthinkable and take Mallory & Dawson to Twin Falls. Costco, Target, Winco, Old Navy, CAFE RIO...sounded like fun to me. Apparently the two napless children did not agree!
Mal hung in for the first two stores. It took an abnormally LONG time. We bought swim suits, hats and sunglasses at Old Navy for the big CALIFORNIA trip in just over a week! {WOO HOO} Then we headed to TJ Maxx just to see if they might have some new curtains for my room.
No Luck. However we did SCORE this little jewel......

You can't beat an entire bedding set that matches PERFECTLY for $30! I totally wanted something for Mal that kept the femininity/daintiness of the room (thanks to the chandelier) and that combined the blue on her wall, brown carpet and threw a whole slew of other colors I can use for the other fun things I have in mind for her royal highness's bedchamber. The flowers, the polka dots, the paisley, the matching pillows.....SIGH!

Mallory's find.....

A $2 left over Easter Decoration. Which she loved. I loved the green so OKEY DOKEY! She asked, "What do you do with it?"
"Set it up somewhere and look at it, of course", I replied! So much to learn! She has her Dad's way of thinking, "If we are going to spend money on it, it must be functional. Serve a purpose of some sort." Well, sitting and looking good IS a function, I say! Now don't touch!

Anyway, after the two stores we made our way to Cafe Rio (Can you hear the angels singing?). I let the kids take a break. They ate, sat in the cool car, had a little movie time, you know REST. They were skipping their naps after all. I am smart enough to know that is a BAD idea, but apparently not smart enough to avoid doing it!

Fast forward to Target dressing room. With their tummies full SURELY Mallory's form of DISNEYLAND...the best place on earth....TARGET, would be able to keep a smile on her face. But no. More like a head tipped back inconsolable SCREAM! This scream scared the heck out of Dawson so he joined in.

I must tell you that there really is such thing as Divine Intervention. WHY else in a moment that people on the opposite end of the store can hear my children SCREAMING, employees telling me my kids are too loud, and me locked in a tiny room with them, my ears ringing, would more patience than I have ever been able to sum up kick in. My calm soothing voice came out. I was somehow able to suppress the nerves in my body that wanted to EXPLODE! Do you think this helped calm them? NO WAY! But I continued through the store, pushing D's wheelchair and pulling Mal in a cart behind me. Both children screaming. I thought about how grateful Ryan should be that I didn't have my cell phone. It was charging in the truck. Had I had it with me, he would have been an ear witness to the chaos I was surrounded by. Maybe better understood WHY I almost got kicked out of Target. AWESOME!

No worries though! It only took me 2 hours and 15 min. to do what should have only taken 30! And good news. In a moment of frugality I turned down the $15 sale on sheets for Mallory's new bed, but in the end I came away from target with a STUPID $10 pop-up High School Musical Hamper! THANKS FOR THAT MALLORY! LOVE that she just picks up and brings along whatever she wants and the cashier doesn't listen when I say I don't want that! Oh well, it will sit in my vehicle, along with the receipt for the next trip....KID-LESS trip, to Twin.

Sadly I gave up on the idea of Winco & Costco and spent more than a fortune at Atkinson's right here in Hailey. Lesson learned. Ryan now knows that he is either going with me, or even better, staying here with the kids for the next trip! Luckily I got to spend the night unwinding at Kristin's house for the Season Premier of So You Think You Can Dance. MUCH BETTER!

After a good nights sleep, Mal awoke happy and ready for the new day. THANK GOODNESS!
Oh and thank goodness for HOT PINK SUNGLASSES! If there was anything that made her happy it was these babies! Can't say I blame her! She is quite smashing! Ok, ridiculously cheezy, but still.......

This girl is ready to HIT the beach! The Beach for 7 days straight! Yes, I would say that I am WELL on my way to earning this vacation!
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Kristin and Jay said...

Yes, THANK GOODNESS, for your good friend Kristin that called and said "Lets watch SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!!!!" ANd for your good friend Kerry that brought you a Diet Pepsi and snacks =). The end of the day was WAY better than the middle right?! Oh and HELLO?! You can't put your laying out happenings on my facebook and NOT invite me! You BETTER next time! Oh and when Ryan stays home with the kiddos next time, lets make it a girls outing, SO much better that way! Okay I will stop typing now!

Kara said...

I had almost the same experience with a screaming baby in costco yesterday. ahhh Just so you know you can go to and order online for a certain day time and everything so it can be ready right when you get there. They do it here in utah not sure if the one in twin does it yet. Yeah for you having cafe rio now!

cindy said...

You are a brave lady!!

Jana said...

I am totally relating! My Park City shopping on Saturday ended up with only visiting three -- yes three -- out of how many due to BAD SHOPPING KIDS!! AHHH! Have a great trip!!

MOM said...

The sad thing is, I had a similar experience with Parker and Rachel the other night at Smith's and they are almost 8 and 14 years old!! The good thing is, if there are parents around there is understanding. I don't think many of us have made it through without several of these experiences!
Not fun while you're going through it though.

Gear Gang said...


Love you.

Norris Fam said...

You didn't really almost get kicked out did you? The employees didn't really tell you your kids were too loud did they? You didn't really pass up $15 sheets that matched perfectly?

Next time call me...I'll meet you there and give you a helping hand :)

Lombardo Family said...

Okay, so I will never stop saying it....You have a gift for writing. Love it!!!

Hardy Party said...

Oh My... That does sound like a trying day. We love you all so much. I think you have earned that vacation! :-)

Dad & Sondi

atki family said...

The sad thing is that we all can relate to the shopping trip from hell. We all have had at least one if not more. Try to ENJOY!
Have fun on your trip!!!!!