Tuesday, June 23, 2009


There is really so much to do in San Diego! However, most of us wanted to just hang out on the beach most of the time. One of the days we all picked where we wanted to go and split up. Jared & Jana family, Leslie & Peggy & Lacy went to Sea World. Logan & Jasmine family & Eric & Dani went to the zoo, I don't remember where Kevin & Anna went, Me & Ry and fam went to Legoland. Well, fam minus Dawson. Jeff & Lynne snuggled with him all day back at the beach house. THANK YOU JEFF & LYNNE! We were so grateful!

The kids were amazed to see everything made out of Legos. Jake is a Lego guy and he couldn't get over how cool it was, even before we actually made it through the front entrance!

A very big thanks to Facebook! This is Hope! She and I grew up on the same road and were best friends. When Ry "proposed" to me in Moab Hope was with us. After Ry and I got married Hope moved to St. George and we hadn't seen each other or talked since then. That was until Facebook!

We were so excited to find each other. When I posted that we were going to San Diego, which is where she now lives, we quickly arranged a meeting!

Hope spent the whole day at Legoland with us. She brought 2 of her kids. Kai, who is 7, and Skylar who had her 5th birthday at Legoland with us! Skylar was a 24 week preemie! She was only 1 1/2 lbs. Crazy that we both went through similar experiences and didn't even know it!

We didn't get enough of each other and Hope spent the next day on the beach with us! We LOVED seeing her! I so love her! She is such an example and inspiration to me! I can't even tell you how glad I am that we are back in touch! Now we have yet another reason to head back to Cali! YAY!

Mallory and Skylar were great friends! They held hands everywhere! SO FUN! Hope and I had a moment! Kinda fun to have our little girls be friends!

The kids had a blast on the rides. Here are just a few that we went on....
Jake & Kai on the airplanes. Kind of a kiddie ride, but still fun. Jake & Kai got along so great too! Kai is such a sweet kid! Always smiling!

I wish this was more clear. The planes whipped out fast on the ends. Mallory has some sensory issues we have been working on. Motion can really freak her out. I wondered how she would do. This was great for her! She LOVED IT! Kinda scared Dad though! :) NICE RY!

Hope was having the time of her life! :) Skylar has some sensory issues too, but did so good! Who knew Legoland could be such a great therapy tool?!

And this would be the ride that Mal wanted to bail on! Whatever it was about this, she did NOT like it! No worries. I jumped off with her.

Skylar didn't bail in enough time! She DID NOT like this one! A whole lotta bouncing up and down. Kinda scary!

Jake and Kai were totally into this fun ride. The best part....the controls to the water that would spray them were on the outside WITH US!

We totally soaked them! TOO FUN!

These are giraffes that were on the Safari ride. AMAZING! The safari animals were crazy! Those are like life size and all Lego! CRAZY!

Jake and I cruisin in our Safari Jeep!

Mal drove hers and Dad's jeep the whole time! This was serious business!
Hope and I waiting with the girls for the Car track for ages 3-5.
So this was super funny! This track was a real track. The kids had to push the gas pedal and steer. We wondered if Mal would get it. It was quite a funny thing. As soon as she was in her car she was ticked that she couldn't get the thing to go yet. She started bailing and saying, "it doesn't work". As soon as they turned the cars on it took a bit of work to get her to push and hold the button down AND steer all at the same time. Here check it out.....

When the ride was done Mal had only made it half way around the track. When the girl came to undo her seat belt she got all mad and said, "I MEED (need) TO FINISH". She was all upset about it! Poor thing! :)

The pirate section of the park is INSANE! The boys loved getting people wet and getting wet themselves on this little boat. If you look right behind this ride there is the biggest spray park I have ever seen! There were so many people there! We so didn't even touch that one! Looked fun though!

We did however, get the kids on this one!

It starts out like the Pirate Ship at Lagoon and then throws you off by starting to spin. Pretty intense, but fun. Mal was worried at first, but loved it in the end, as long as she could cling to me. She chewed her shirt the whole day! Mal has a lot of anxiety sometimes. She chews her fingers and clothes when something is worrying her. She hasn't done it for a long time, but it all started when we walked through the front gate. A full sized Lego talking Darth Vader is a little intimidating!

For the last ride of the day Mal was terribly upset to find out that she was too little to ride the roller coaster. Ryan took the boys on it. Ryan's holler coming down the hill cracks me up everytime.

Some Lego Fun.....
This was just crazy! This is down town New York...all out of Lego's! See the people walking around? The buildings towered over us!
There was a Vegas, Washington DC and much more. It was really amazing!

Mal was entirely unsure of the life size things out of Lego's. This was as close as she was going to get. Surprising really. Bob the Builder is one of her favorites!

This would be the initial cause of the anxiety! YIKES! Jake, however was completely thrilled.

If you have a Volvo, you are in luck! Volvo drivers have reserved parking! Their spaces are even before the Handicapped spaces. Funny! This is a full size vehicle. All Lego!

On a boat tour of some of the park we ran into these elephants. Look at that detail!

And nothing like a little Lego Q Tip to clean George Washington's ear! :)

By the end of the day Mallory FINALLY got comfortable with these little people. She LOVED them after that!
We also went to see a 4D Lego Movie. The best part was seeing something come right in front of your face and seeing Mallory reaching out for it! I LOVE 4D! So fun!


Anonymous said...

I had better not show this to Tom. He would be so jealous! He loves legos and still has all of his from when he was a kid.

Norris Fam said...

Man, that makes me want to go back to Legoland. Did you go to the aquarium part?

Amy Lindstrom said...

Bonnie- Tom would FLIP over this place! If you are a fan of Lego's there is no where better! It is amazing! The animals were insane!

Carrie- No, we didn't make it over. The Legoland hours were short. Like 10-5 and you would think we could do everything there in that time, but we totally couldn't...at least not with little ones (Mal & Skylar). It took forever, it seemed to get from one place to another. We could have gone back, but the beach was FAR more appealing! :)