Monday, June 22, 2009


I had never boogie boarded before this trip. SO FUN! Granted, I spent more of my time trying to get out to the big waves that actually riding them in. Which was also fun! I wasn't so great at catching the timing on everything, but I had a blast!

This is Jana, Me, Jasmine & Dani. They were a little cold in the water so the wet suits worked perfect for them! I was happy cause it kept them in the water with me. The water was a little cold at first, but after a bit it was perfect! I loved it!

Jake LOVED boogie boarding. He was great at it. Mal loved pulling it around behind her. She would head out to the waves, but once her feet were wet she spent her time running from the waves and giggling like crazy!

That's my little man! Good job buddy!

Can you see that smile?! So funny! He was so excited!

{Eric & Dani}
Most of the time we didn't use flippers. The waves would come so fast it was hard to get your feet under your self to get over the bigger waves. Next time we are totally getting the shorter flippers.

Eric, Jared & I ventured out one day. The two of them on surf boards, me with the boogie board. We had been trying to get out past the last wave where the surfers went to catch the big waves. Usually they were anywhere from 5-8 feet.

We worked so hard at it one day. Finally I heard the waves crashing behind me. It was low tide so we were quite a way out from the beach. It was pretty exciting. Jared told me to hang tight to my board because we were no where near being able to touch the bottom. Then we just waited.

Within a few minutes a wave we thought was "the one" came up under us. It rolled under us and set us back down on the back side of the waves. My heart started pumping! "Did you see how high we were above the water?!" Oh man! Now it was time to really hold on and think twice about coming out this far.

The next wave was ours. Or I am pretty sure we belonged to it. The wave curled over the top of me and sent me flipping under the water. Man, the ocean is powerful....and terrifying. I figured out which way was up and got my self there ASAP. However, there was only enough time to grab a breath and wish I could have grabbed my board before the next one hit. It was harder than the first, or felt that way because I was completely at it's mercy. My board was somewhere close, I mean it was tethered to my wrist so it had to be.

This time I came out of the water praying. I knew the third wave would do me in. I couldn't breath, I was completely scared! The third wave, like an answer to my prayer, rolled under me. I could finally spot Jared. He was pulling himself out of the water looking a little shook up. Eric, still missing. I started yelling for Jared, even yelling for help. Not kidding, I was totally freaked out. Where were the stinking life guards, just in case! Jared couldn't hear me.

I swam for the shore, riding the waves. I found Eric. We pulled out at the same time. He was a bit humbled to. He said "That was probably the 3rd closest time I have come to dying." What were the other two Eric? I forgot to ask. I think maybe one of them was jumping a car over canyon road and landing on the other side....maybe. Who knows! :)

Needless to say, I didn't find it necessary to head to the last wave anymore. The second to the last was fun enough! :) I have a new respect for those surfers, and a bit of humility under my belt. Seriously, I think it would be wise to know what I was doing before thinking I could just do it cause it looks easy! :)

Jana and I modeling our flippers. My total lack of coordination with those things on was hilarious!

Jaz and I trying our hand at surfing. Well, not the big waves, we were just trying to catch a wave so we could stand on the dang thing. Jaz and Jana were the pro's at that!

{Me, Jasmine & Eric)

Jaz's favorite part of the house was the outside shower. MUCH easier to get yourself into a cold wet suit while you are in a hot shower!

I love these two! What a couple of crack ups!

The chicks. Oh yeah! We were Bad...and by bad I mean good! HA! So much fun!

One of the first days Lynne and I headed out for a little boogie boarding! I love that she is always up for adventure! When we were all out boarding and she showed up with her wet suit and board I was SO pumped and totally impressed.

When she got to us she said, "My suit is on inside out and backwards and I don't care." And it was. It was pretty funny! Lynne always makes everything so much more fun! I love her attitude she can and will do anything. I have tried to learn so much from her over the last 11 years. She is amazing and I love her dearly!

And this would be my favorite picture from the trip! This is SO Jaz and Logan! I love these two! So much fun! AND they are moving up here in just a few weeks! To say I am excited would be a little bit of an understatement! It will be SO much fun to live by these two!
It is a blessing to have some of my best friends be my brothers and sisters in law! We always have so much fun together!

And now, for a few seconds of live action.....
Jake & Tyler catching a little wave


Anonymous said...

I have never worn flippers when I have boogie boarded. I will have to try it next time to see if it easier to swim around w/ them on.
Looks like you all had a blast. I am so jealous!

Salisbury Family said...

Phew.....there is nothing more fun, or more scary than the ocean. So happy you are still ok, and that grinny grinteeth didn't have his way!!!

Lombardo Family said...

Holy Cow, what a blast! How much fun is this???? I love living vicariously through you! :o)