Tuesday, April 21, 2009


One thing that we will miss HORRIBLY is having the Merricks just down the street! They have been the best neighbors and are SUCH great friends to all of us! We all know that I couldn't have survived these last two years without Jenn pickin up Jake and haulin him to and from school almost every single day, suprise Diet Dr. Pepper just when I need it most, letting me borrow the kids so that mine will be entertained, Taylor in her tu-tu and much much more!

Over the last couple of years Jake & Drew have become very best friends. Jake loves "Dewy". They are such fun friends! I am so glad to know that we will still see PLENTY of them, even after we move away from each other! RIGHT JENN?! I will tempt you with my hot tub when all else fails! :)

I always love seeing the Merrick kids coming down the road in their jeeps. Drew in his much more manly jeep and Dani & Tay-Tay in their SUPER CHICK JEEP! Mallory saw them for the first time the other day. Dani was nice enough to give her the grand tour of the neighborhood. They were riding in style.

Off they go! It was hilarious to watch them! Mal looked so big, yet so very small all buckled in and riding along. She took the whole thing so seriously! If we only had roads where she could drive one of these babies where we are going....I would have thought about thinking about getting one!
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Kristin and Jay said...

Wow, when you post you POST =)! Cute, all of it. And what do you mean if you had a road where you are going? I distinctly remember a paved road going right up to your house =).

Amy Lindstrom said...

Oh that big ole long driveway up to the house is gravel.