Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I know, you have seen enough Easter posts, but I will make this quick! Just had to show off my cute little stinkers!

The Easter Bunny made his way to our house on Saturday Morning (Yes, I said Saturday. We usually do everything that has to do with the "Commercialized" meaning of Easter on Saturday so we can celebrate the real meaning of Easter on Sunday). The kids were SO excited to look around and find their baskets. Mallory was ALL OVER IT! She carried her basket around for the next 3 days! The Easter Bunny brought her a few treats and a Diamond Castle Barbie that sings. SHE LOVES IT! And we love listening to her sing along!

OH, you must note the outfit. Mallory has extra appendages as of late....the snow boots and Princess back pack are the first thing she puts on every morning and the last she takes off every night! SO FUNNY!

Mallory spent the morning standing by this window watching a robin fly into it. That darn bird! At first it was funny, but now we are going on WEEKS and that thing will not give up! It is contantly trying to fly into our window. All day everyday we hear a "thump thump thump" then three seconds later AGAIN! Crazy thing!

Jake is looking forward to baseball again this year and was VERY excited that the Easter bunny brought him a brand new Baseball mitt in his basket!

After the baskets it was time to head off to the church with Dad for an Easter Egg hunt with the primary. What better way to go than sporting the best Easter Hair do EVER! Yes those are Easter Eggs! SO CUTE! I am telling you, if you haven't checked out the Hairstyles for Girls Blog, you MUST!

Mal was loving the hairdo! Isn't she just so darn cute?!

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