Monday, January 26, 2009

A Girl Shouldn't Be Withouth THESE...

...and I am NOT talking about the eyebrows.

I am talking about a group of friends that will show up at another of our friends home sporting the hideous brows, all in the name of a laugh!

Dawn sent us that email about the real people with REAL crazy eyebrows, she said she just had to send it because she laughed so hard.
So this mastermind {MICHELLE} came up with a plan.

Dawn is having a party, let's show up with crazy eyebrows. Every last one of us were sold on the idea. I am just bummed that I had to be out of town, surely I would have been willing to shave mine off completely and get tatoo's of cats over my peepers...anything for a little entertainment!

YIKES! {JELINA} sporting the matching lip liner! This is just plain scary!

{KRISTIN} Why do I suddenly feel like a trip to McDonalds...could it be the not so golden arches?!

{SHALECE}, so I have heard owns that beautiful blue eyeshadow. Pretty Shalece! I bet Gary LOVED it!

...and this is where I nearly fell of my chair! {AMANDA} this is just plain scary...and hilarious! Now we all see just how much eyebrows can seriously change your looks! Oh my! That is funny! I am sure you would have scared the socks off me, even while smiling!

I had to steal these pics from Amanda's blog. I am SO glad this was well documented! I wish I could have been there!

I want to thank my Hailey girls so much [and that includes Jeni, Carrie & Kara]! We have the funnest times together! I am quite sure we could enjoy just about anything together! We have way too much fun!

Each one has contributed a part to who I am and I am grateful. They are all such inspiring women and constantly motivate me to be better and try harder. That is what friends are for. A good dose of raucous laughter never hurts either!

I also want to thank them for helping me through an especially hard time. It is always amazing to have friends that can lift and give great advice. It is needed!

Love you girls!


Rideout Family said...

I love you Amy Lindstrom. I am looking forward to your visit, whenever the heck that might be.

Kristin and Jay said...

Whatever, I have the MOST fun =) Hahahahahahah!

We LOVE you too! You are the one getting us laughing 99% of the time. And that ain't no fluff! =)

Amanda said...

I agree. Nothing beats friends who talk you into making a fool of yourself;) I think we should do it again only go out in public. Now that would be funny.!