Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Little Perspective...

This last week has been a difficult one for our extended family. One that requires a lot of love, forgiveness, healing & support. It is also a time that requires a lot of reflection.

{FAMILIES ARE FOREVER} What a blessing! However, it is not a given. It requires constant vigilance. When our values are left unattended, or are taken lightly the door is left open. Satan enters.

In times like these we learn the true nature of the adversary. What he is capable of. What makes HIM happy. It gives us a better understanding of the [PLAN OF SALVATION] and how crucial the Atonement is in our lives. For repentance. For comfort. For peace.

And why wouldn't he want my family to fail. We are a force to be reckoned with. With my wonderful parents & 7 siblings. We love. We support. We fight back. We succeed. We TESTIFY.

At one time or another we all have fallen. We all have repented. We all have learned lessons that were invaluable. We all {KNOW} the power and love offered through the Atonement. Through our Savior. From our loving Father in Heaven.


In a moment of agony and heartache we have seen that even the most simple of justifications leads to certain misery. And then, the most simple precautions [scriptures, temple attendance, meaningful prayer] can prevent so much loss. They are imperative. Not to be taken lightly.

I have recommitted. I WILL live each day with purpose. This life is to prepare us to return to our Father. I will not be distracted. When I trip I will immediately refocus. Try harder. Make correction. I will daily try to fill my mission. My purpose. DAILY.

I am not perfect. I do not do everything I should. I will say or do things that I will regret. But each day will be a day to correct just one little thing. Until my weaknesses are replaced by strength. Because I know that NO ONE is immune. NO ONE can live passively. We must not only stand on the right side of the line, but as far away from the center line as we can get ourselves.

I am eternally grateful for the Atonement. Without it, I would not have the blessings of my eternal family. Without it I would be lost.

But we are not!

My family will succeed.

It matters not what our struggles are, only that we do something to fix them.



-Kels- said...

Have I told you, how much of an inspiration you are to me? I cant even express how much i have learned from you!

Love your face!
kellsy kaye

Christensen family said...

Perfectly said Amy! Thanks!

Norris Fam said...

Sorry we didn't finish our conversation know that I'm here for you WHENEVER!

Rideout Family said...

I love you. You truly are such an inspiration to so many people.

Collin and Elizabeth said...

I can only say what others have already said..well put Amy! Thanks for the constant example. I love you tons.

Lombardo Family said...

Can I just copy and paste this post? Wow! Is the spirit with you ALWAYS Amy? That could have been said straight off the pulpit in conference. I honestly wish I could be that eloquent as my in-laws are not members and I can only imagine how much healing could be done if we ALL exercised this more. Thanks so much!

[BrookeO] said...

I haven't told you for awhile. I think you are great!