Tuesday, January 6, 2009

{ATKINSON} Christmas Party

Christmas just isn't Christmas without an Atkinson Christmas Eve. The tradition has held since my Mom was a little girl.
We started out the morning by going to breakfast at MiMi's Cafe. YUM! Then I met up with Jana & Jasmine to see AUSTRALIA! Loved it! THAT is a fabulous movie!
Later that night we meet back up with all the fam at Chad & Julie's house. This year Lisa was in charge of the program. She did such a good job!
One of the traditions we have every year is to bring a short letter to run down what your family has been up to over the last year. This is always fun. We just don't get to see each other enough and we are such a close family. It is fun to catch up on everyone.
This is Grandma Atkinson, Uncle Chad, Aunt Julie & Dad. Chad was reading us his letter. They have 2 missionaries out. Austin just left. We were all missing him and Jordan. Luckily they sent a video message to all of the family. They are quite funny! We can't wait to see Jordan again next year!
Clint, Abby & Ashley enjoying a story from Todd. I have the best uncles. Can I just say that?! I love them so much!

Uncle Chad taking a picture of me, taking a picture of him.

Lisa made a video of pictures of our families throughout the year. She did such a great job on it. She also came up with costumes and had the kids do the Nativity. It was AWESOME! The kids were so into it and Lisa really did a great job with them!
Carter (Lisa's) got to be Baby Jesus...I am quite sure there weren't binky's back then! Kaitlyn (Lisa's) was Mary & Clayton (Clint's) was Joseph. They were so darn cute about it!

The Angel, Lydia (Clint's) visits the Shepherds. Brooklyn (Todd's), Jake & Parker (My little brother)

Doesn't Brian make the best Star?! Nice Bri!

The wisemen Conner (Chad's), Henry (Clint's) & Bridger (Lisa's) joined the other Angels, Rachel (my sis), Dawson, Mallory (missing) and Carolines (Lisa's and missing).
Pretty good looking Nativity, if I do say so myself. Ryan was a GREAT narrator and everyone enjoyed the show. We all ended by singing Away In A Manger. Oh, if you haven't experienced Atkinson singing, well, you my friend are missing out. It always brings a good laugh! We try! We try hard! But alas....
Oh look....one of the wandering angels have returned!

And this one seems to be the happiest in the group!

Yeah, did someone spike the formula?! He was like this ALL night!
He is a party animal. Get's that from his Mama!


MOM said...

It seems like Clay was our baby Jesus just yesterday....how is it possible that he is big enough to be Joseph??

Rideout Family said...

Dawson is cracking me up. That last picture of him, there is a reflection of some kind behind his hand and it kind of looks like he is having a good ol time with a cigarette in hand. Dawson!!
It looks like you guys had a great time.

Amy Lindstrom said...

You are too funny Jeni!