Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas In Utah....Oh, I know I am behind! Allow me to make up for that with more pictures than you can shake a stick at!

So I am a bit behind! My family seems to have suffered from the plague over the last month and a half. I haven't seen any of my Hailey friends since Twilight weekend in Park City. SAD!

So, let me just fill you in on Christmas with the Lindstrom's.

One of the things that we love about going to Utah is that Jeff and Lynne make is feel SO comfortable. We LOVE staying at their house. They have created a nice little part of the house for us to share with Logan and Jaz when we are all in town. We love it!

This year they finished a HUGE project! They have been doing quite a bit of remodeling. The biggest was the addition. We all love it. With 7 siblings and most of them married with kids, it is nice to have plenty of space to spread out in! Let me give you the tour....
This is the entrance to the addition. Over in one corner there is a fireplace to sit by.
Then in the other corner there is the TV space. Oh yes...that IS Napoleon Dynamite on TV! There isn't a lot better in life than the dance scene in High Def!

We all love the pool table. Jake is always telling me about hitting the ball with the right "trajectory". WHAT?!

You can see the ping pong table over in the other corner. You know, I have always thought I was good at a few things. Ping Pong being one of them. Well Clint, Jana & Jasmine try regularly to teach me all about humility. They usually beat me horribly! Dang it! I did beat Jared though! It was a close game. He may have let me win!

That's my Jazzy! Hangin with Noah! One thing this room does not run short on is seating. That is so nice! There are so many places to just plant ourselves and visit.

Sorry about the fuzziness of these pics. My camera is in need of some serious help! Ryan and D hangin with Napoleon. Oh how I love these boys!

This is one of my favorite features. I LOVE the ceiling! Also up there by the railing is the Mezzanine. Adults only. We wouldn't want any stunts off the top of there! YIKES!

Oh wait...did I say that was my favorite feature? I mean this is! I must say, a theatre room is a MUST! Make note of that Ry! This is the favorite spot for all of us to end up at the end of the day. The leather reclining couches have ruined the "Real" movie theatre for us. SO comfy! So fun! I LOVED watching the Boise State Brono's play down here. You feel like you are right on the field. LOVE IT! We also LOVE watching the Eagles in concert. The sound is amazing!

Some of you may have noticed Mallory in this pic. Not only is it Mal, but it is Mal holding still and sitting quietly with Lacy. I am sure she was just beginning the sickness. That is surely the only way she would be sitting in one place for longer than 60 seconds.

They just got finished watching Nemo. How fun!

Oh there is my sweet girl!

And here are my sweet In Laws. We love you guys so much!
One of the parties we had was on the 23rd at Mom & Dad Lindstrom's. We exchanged gifts and played games. At one point we had a surprise visitor!
The kids were really excited to see this guy! He came and taught all the kids about how Jesus is the most important part of Christmas.

Mallory was all over telling Santa exactly what she wanted! "A AIRPLANE" of course!

Jared was chastised by Santa about his greedy Christmas Stocking. Too funny!

All the kids and even Aunt Lacy got a chance to sit on Santa's lap.
It was a really fun night!


Kristin and Jay said...

You must have forgotten about one very special friend who you saw in TWIN FALLS!!! =)

~Tiffany~ said...

My mom was blog stalking your blog and fell in love with your in-laws addition! She really wants to know more about it, like who did the plans, how big it is, and more. will you email me and we can talk some more about it?
Talk to ya soon!

Norris Fam said...

I wish I was sitting in one of those plush leather chairs watching a movie right now!

Looks like you guys had an awesome Christmas!

Thanks for your nice comment on Kallie's blog, you're the best!