Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"HE CAME......"

This would be the look you get when your kid gets something they didn't even bother putting on their list because he thought he would NEVER get it!
Mom and Dad broke down this year and let Santa get our family a Wii! No one was more excited than Jake! Grandma & Grandpa Lindstrom also gave him Lego Star Wars & Indiana Jones, Meet the Robinsons and Light Sabers that attach to his controller for the Light Saber Duel game Santa brought!
Needless to say, after last weekend, with all of us at home sick...well, we added motion sickness to our list of ailments!

Mal was TOTALLY into Santa this year! She was SO excited to get her airplane she had been talking about. She never wavered. "Mal what do you want Santa to bring you?" And the answer was always, "A AIRPLANE". She knew exactly which one she wanted too! THAT was so much fun!
After she started really getting into opening the presents it was all too much fun! She wouldn't open them at first because we had told her not to at home. So, when we would tell her to open it, she just couldn't disobey. She would hand it to Jake and tell him to do it. Jake was happy to oblige! We finally got her convinced that she could open them herself. She had a blast! I loved the look of anticipation as she would tear things open and then the smile and excitement of what she found! Too fun!
This Christmas was so much fun. We were thankful to have all of us feeling well that day. You all know how rare that has been over the last 6 weeks. Never mind that we were in the hospital a couple of days later! At least we were together on Christmas!
Because of the hospital adventure we were able to stay for New Years. We went out to dinner with Jared & Jana, Logan & Jaz and Lacy. THEN we wasted 3 hours of our lives on "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Buttons" OH how I wish I would have just left earlier! UGH! THAT was painful. Almost torture really. I haven't felt that strongly about a movie in a LONG time!
The night was redeemed when we went back to Jeff & Lynne's. We played pool, ping pong and the Wii. No kids! All the way up until 12:30! Glad we got to stay for that! OH and the highlight, much to my hubby's dismay was when Jana brought the Twilight Soundtrack for the ride up. THAT is a fabulous soundtrack! I highly recommend it!
Thanks so much again to Jeff & Lynne for sharing their home with us! They always make it so nice for us! So nice in fact, that we have spent 5 weeks there since the middle of November! YIKES! We don't plan to repeat that anytime soon.

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