Sunday, November 16, 2008


I know I have told you this before, but OH MAN! what a funny little girl! She is always making us laugh. After an hour and a half of driving yesterday, we pulled into Twin and stopped at a red light. Her little head immediately snapped up, "Drive mom, Drive". We also loved that she had NO idea that we could actually buy and take home the toys on the shelf. She thought we were the best parents, and this was likely the best day of her life, because we let her walk down those isles and even touch a button or two! She had a blast.

I have to say that I am LOVING my kids right now! I mean I always am, but right now they are not only easy to take places, they are SO MUCH FUN! Mal managed to walk the whole way through Costco, on a Saturday, which you KNOW is insane. She followed close and was such a good girl. Jake is always a great helper and Dawson loves the ride! They are SO much fun!

Mallory has been doing impersonations lately. SpongeBob, Squisquard (Squidward), Patrick are always hilarious. I think our favorite with when she walks up to us and with a deep little voice says, "Hi, I'm Missa Krabbs and I like Money. Money, money, money." She says it just like him. It is so funny!

However, there is nothing that could have prepared us for this.....

Oh! Crazy Eyes makes it even better!

Well, I guess the red Sorry pieces are going to have to be retired! UCK!
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Norris Fam said...

hee, hee! nothing a little bleach can't fix!

Todd and Stephanie said...

I just gotta tell ya this. My oldest, Tyler (10) couldn't say Sponge Bob, so he would say...
Bum-Squatch!!! So that's just what we call it now. Even my 4 year old doesn't call it Sponge Bob. SOOOO funny!!

MOM said...

The crazy thing is I have a picture of your dad doing the exact same thing with Sorry "men".