Sunday, November 16, 2008


A couple of years ago I asked everyone in my family to email me their favorite recipes. I have to say that I have a family full of AMAZING cooks. There are so many recipes that we have shared with each other. I really wanted to put them all in one place and then give them as gifts. By the time I was done My Grandma, Mom, Abby, Me, Lisa, Kayla & Suzi all got one. I am sure that I will one day get one done for Rachel too. It was a lot of work. There are 200 recipes in each book. I have recipes from 3 of my Great Grandma's & even a few from my Great Great Grandma LuLu! What a treasure!

I found this photo album! It was PERFECT! I cut all of the card stock to 4X6. Then I printed all of the recipes and cut them down to
3 1/2 X 5 1/2 and glued them on. They each slip in and out of their own slot.

Each category is done in a different color and each section is listed Alphabetically. It makes it so easy to find each one.
Our sections are: Beverages, Appetizers & Breads (RED), Soups & Salads (BLUE), Main Dishes (YELLOW), Desserts (GREEN), Misc. & Canning (BROWN).

My Great Grandma Fenton was always canning something. I got all of her recipes. Chose our favorites and then called the Extention services to check the recipes for safety. She also had a lot of household remedy recipes. They are PRICELESS!

This is one of the title pages. My Great Grandma Fenton is one of the most influencial people in my life. She was amazing! We all loved her so dearly. I love that she kept a journal almost everyday. In is she wrote so many cute little memories of each one of us. I put quotes randomly throughout the books. Each one of our books is custom made for each one of us! Lisa's is full of quotes from Grandma's journal about Lisa, Abby's about Clint when he was little, etc. There are a few that are just so Grandma they just HAD to be in there. The one above is my FAVORITE! If you can't read it, click on it. It will make it bigger.

This is a picture of one of the pages. I will be using this page and the one before it for a MONDAY'S MENU that should NOT be missed tomorrow! YUM!
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Courtney said...

What a huge project! They should pay you for that!

Norris Fam said...

I love how the green dessert section is twice as big as any of the others...that's my kind of cookbook!

~Tiffany~ said...

That's amazing! I can't believe you went to so much work. What a priceless treasure, I would love to get my little hands on a copy of this book!

Amy Lindstrom said...

Courtney- I am sure that any one of them would, if I asked, but it was the PERFECT gift idea! I loved making it and I loved giving it to them. There were Christmas, Mother's Day, basically took care of my gifts for a while! :)

Carrie- AW YEAH! :) We all noticed the same thing! Kinda funny!

Tiffany- You are too funny! I have had a couple of people try to get one. If I wasn't so burned out on cutting and pasting, I would think about it! :) Maybe I will just have to make some of my favorite recipes from it and post them here! Some of my FAVORITE recipes are in this book, including my Grandma's Baby Back Ribs and my sister, Lisa's, Soft Black Bean Tostadas! YUM!! Ok, I have to stop! I am getting hungry! :)