Sunday, November 16, 2008


I know, I know....for all of you that are Photog's I would LOVE it if I had local access to you, but I don't. SO I forked out the $25 per kid (just to get 8 wallets and a C.D.) and got them done.

Jake...Well, I am quite certain they didn't even ask for a smile! He always smiles SO cute and this isn't even close. Oh well!

Mallory....Personally, I think she is a cute little stinker! It helped that I was at the school with her and they let me pick which one I liked. Miraculously she is looking at the camera...not running from it! AND A SMILE! HUH! Pretty Girl!

And Dawson...what a handsome little man! I have always stressed over how they would get him to sit on that stool. Who knew it could be done in the wheelchair?! Not ideal, but it'll do! Seriously, don't ask me what is going on with this kids hair! Silly boy!

OK, next year please one of you, my beloved and most talented friends, convince me to come see you instead!
Although my husband will probably talk me out of it. School pics are tradition. It IS fun to look back at mine. Maybe one day I will borrow a few faves from my mom so we can blast back to the bangs! YIKES!
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Courtney said...

Well, you know I'll do it for free! But you have to come see me :)

These aren't SO bad though... I've seen worse!

Devin & Shalise said...

I love them!! I think Jake is getting so big... and that Mallory!! She is so cute! Dawsom, he looks so handsome, I thought the hair was CUTE!! It looked like he had a little spiked hair do! SO CUTE!!

-Kels- said...

cute cute cute!!!

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