Wednesday, November 12, 2008

LoGaN...UtAh, that is!

Last weekend Logan (Ryan's brother) blessed their sweet baby Noah! We couldn't miss an opportunity to go spend a couple of days! Especially when it involved JASMINE! I like her! I LOVE her! Live by me Jaz! DO IT!

We also couldn't miss the trip when we knew that Jared and Jana would be there. And where there is a swimming pool and Jared involved, well...that is where I want to be!

Jared is Ryan's brother. He is my age. We went to school together. He is SO dang fun! There is just something about a pool that brings out his MOST crazy side. I love it!

Everyone does! He ALWAYS makes us laugh!
(Jake & Tyler in the front. Loge & Jaz and Mal & Ry with CrAzY eyes)

After swimming me, Jana, Jaz & her mom went to a late showing of Mama Mia at the "dollar" movie. We went in PJ's. It was super fun! The people around us, well, they most likely hated us! We talked and sang a lot. I know...obnoxious!

Ryan wanted to stay back at the hotel and put the kids to bed. Apparently that also included a fashion show! WORK IT MAL!

What a fun weekend! Wouldn't you know I didn't take my camera to Logan & Jasmine's house! I do not have ONE single pic of my CUTE little nephew, Noah. I used Jasmine's to take video of some CRAZY stunts involving Jared (of course), an ENORMOUS bean bag & an exercise ball! those to me if you can!

Other than that is was fun to see Jeff & Lynne (Ry's parents), Kevin & Lacy (Ry's bro & sis), Grandma & Grandpa Reynolds, Leslie & Peggy (Aunts) & everyone else. It was too short and made us REALLY look forward to our 10 day trip to Utah for Thanksgiving!
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