Wednesday, November 26, 2008




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**OH and just an update on Dawson. He is still in the hospital. He has C-diff. It is an infection in his bowel. He also has a virus that will eventually pass. When he was newborn he had to have some of his bowel removed. Because of that he has been unable to absorb the nutrients in his food. They are working on that now. OH and the formula his GI doc said he was not allergic too...he is allergic to it. Poor baby! For over a year and a half he has probably been hating life.

They ran some new tests and they are figuring it out so that they get him on some good stuff. They won't release him until they know he is better. They think we will be at least another week and a half. UGH! Oh well. We know that he is in the right place. He has got every specialist in the place on his team trying to get him better! What a blessing!

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Robyn said...

Amy, I just wanted to tell you, you are amazing, I hope you know that! I hope your little man is doing ok, your one tough gal, I dont know if I could be as strong as you! And through it all you are still positive, your awesome! Hang in there!