Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nothing Like It

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE the church services at this hospital?!

While sitting in a room with many parents and families who are all going through the same type of trial, with varying degrees, the Lord's spirit is strong, almost overwhelming.

I looked around the room at all the kids with NG tubes taped to their cute little faces, IV poles, IV lines hanging from their arms and the sweet little bald heads.

I watched as a mother sat next to her daughter and cried as she watched her cry for her own suffering child. I watched parents come into the room with tired lines on their faces the exhaustion coming from many different sources.

The musical number was by a mother and her 8 year old son. They played "I Am A Child Of God" on their violins. The power that came with it was amazing.

The Lord's spirit was unrestrained. It always is here. Everywhere. This is where His children act in faith as they suffer the trials that come with these physical bodies, and do you know what, not one of these children were not smiling. There is so much to be learned from these little ones.

We all were blessed with the opportunity to renew our covenants with our Father. That renewal comes with great conviction when your heart is flooded by the spirit this way.

I feel blessed to be in this place. It is what I needed today.

I feel blessed to sit in a room for hours and hours and no distractions with my smiling, giggling D.

I feel blessed to be married to my sweet Ryan. Oh how I love him. And Appreciate him.

I feel blessed to have friends like Michelle Barrow. She reminds me of who I am, a lot, and just when I need it most. I love her! You ARE family Michelle!

I feel blessed to have a HOME WARD! I love you all. It is amazing to feel the pull to return home. It is home. I love that.

I feel blessed to have all of the offers for help for Ry and the kids now that they are home and trying to make it all work out without a mom in the home to fill her role there.

I feel blessed to have my sweet in-laws. They give me such a comfortable place to stay and when I come home at night there is a group waiting to watch a movie in the new Lindstrom Theatre. (There is NOTHING like a Napolean Dynamite dance seen in big screen high def!) And then Jazzy to keep me up all night talking. I am going to miss you when you go back home Jaz.

I could go on and on, but my boy is waiting for me and I can't wait to get back to him.

Thank you all so much for all of your love and support. Tomorrow will be the day that decisions start being made about when and how to get my boy back home. I will keep you posted.


Megan said...

Thank you for your beautiful thoughts. I'll be praying for you and Little D.


-Kels- said...

you never cease to amaze me. I love you and love your family. D man will be in my mind and heart all day tomorrow! Give him a love for me!



Lombardo Family said...

Amy, just want you to know we are thinking of you and your family and keeping you in our prayers. So glad Dawson has such a wonderful mother!

Norris Fam said...

Remind me to have a box of kleenex handy before I read your heart just aches for those little kiddos and their tired parents. If I had a wish, I would wish that I could stay with you day in and day out at that hospital so you didn't ever feel lonely. I'll call ya later...

Anonymous said...


Wow what a post! That puts my life in perspective. It always amazes us that you can find such beauty in a time of crisis. It does break your heart that these little ones and their families are in pain. Our prayers are with you and Little D. We hope they can figure out what is wrong and he could be well. What a joy that would be..

Love you all,
Dad and Sondi

MyR said...

I know I don't know you very well yet but you AMAZE ME! I can already sense how strong and caring you are. Thank you!

-Kels- said...

when you come home we NEED to talk!



Anonymous said...


You're great for what you do for little-D and Ryan is impressive taking care of Jake and Mallory at home and being a part owner (I didn't know that!--that's super). I can't imagine being in your's and Ryan's shoes; I don't know if I could be strong enough. It's definitely a time to take a moment and pause and admire you and the many other parents that are going through similar circumstances.

With Love.

jill said...

amy, I know I always say this, but the perspective you have on your situation is astounding to me. You are so strong, and you give all of us someone to look up to.

give D. a kiss from the springer fam, he is such a trooper for enduring what he does!

Tana said...

Amy, thanks for the post. I got teary and grateful reading it. I should stop being suprised by the sustaining power of the spirit in times of trial. It seems it is the the rest of the time; the day in, day out "daily-ness" that leaves us feeling purposeless and edgy. (and of course by us... I don't mean you:) My most peaceful times have often been the "hardest." Thank you for sharing yours with us!