Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I know, I know...You have probably heard too much about this kinda thing, but HEY I was gone for WEEKS and now I am back and I would like to add my fair share of GROWN WOMEN GOING CRAZY FOR TWILIGHT, and it's my blog so I get too!
So my girly friends and I had all schemed and planned this enormous girls weekend out. We were all going to ditch any unattached/non-nursing kids and get out of town for the weekend. It just so happens our EVER SO GENEROUS friend Kara just moved to Kamas, UT (Close to Park City) and offered to share her big ole house with us! With that offer Carrie and Jeni also agreed to make the journey from St. George. The date was set. The tickets were purchased (about 3 weeks in advance). We were going to TWILIGHT!
Dawson going into the hospital threw a little curve ball into all the action for me. I joined the chaos a day late, but still SO much fun to be had. Thanks to my FAB hubby who agreed to sit in the hospital so that I could still go and feel good about it knowing my boy was getting LOVES!
The girls picked me up at the hospital and we were off. Shopping at Gardners Village and Tai Pan...Oh Tai Pan, how my wallet longs for you! I miss you! I will be back, oh I will be back!
After an early dinner we were off to join the throngs. We got there about 2 hours before the movie, and we were already joining a long line. No worries! We can all entertain our selves just fine!
My little sister Lisa joined us for the fun, with her little bundle of joy, my sweet Carter. Once counted....well, we had 20 WOMEN with us! Everyone around Lisa was in our group, and then some!

Maren & Dawn.

And what do you do with 20 women in a line of hundreds of other VERY excited women for 2 HOURS?!

You groom Brad Pitt of course! Thanks for making a showing Brad!

Lisa wanted to make sure you feel welcomed!
There are other pictures I could post, but for fear of losing a dear friend (Carrie) after making a promise to her, I will not! That's how much I love you my friend!

There was a fair amount of crazy face pictures on my memory card. Kerry's takes the cake! Nice Kerry!

This however was the only sweet face I could find! Oh sweet sweet Carter! How I miss you!

HA! I bet Lisa never thought this would make the blog!
Thank goodness for Digital cameras. With the click and view option you are always sure to know if there is anything unsightly stuck in your pearlies when there is not a mirror to be found! Looking good Lees!

And what would a whole smattering of pictures of my friends be without a showing from my dear Kristin?! Nothing I tell you, it would be nothing!

More of the girls, crammed in like sardines and waiting patiently with just a bit of giddiness.

Remember the part about unattached kids....well, Carter is not. That is why he got to join the party! This served as great entertainment to us while we waited for the show to start. SO inconspicuous!

The movie was.....great! I liked it. I know there are mixed reviews from many fans. I, for one, am quite pleased with the interpretation. There were a few things that I thought could be a little better, but it TOTALLY gave me my Twilight fill.

I do have to say that when I saw it for the second time I LOVED it even more! No expectations, no wondering how they were going to do certain parts, no disappointment. I knew what was coming and I loved it all! If you weren't sure the first time, or even doubtful, go see it again!

After the movie we made the drive to Kara's house. We all stayed up until about 3:30 am. Me...4:30. Mind you the two night before this I slept in a hospital. Which also is equal to NOT sleeping! By the time I went to bed I was SO exhausted! And when I am that tired...well, I MIGHT snore just a little! For fear of keeping Maren & Kristin awake, I tried hard not to sleep at all. When I finally gave up it was 4:30 am. I went into Kara's excercise room and sawed them logs as loud as I pleased. It was beautiful!

The next day was FULL of shopping in Park City and Cafe Rio! It was all so much fun!

Now, I do have to add that there were moments of weirdness. I think that was to be expected with all of us out of our element and totally sleep deprived. I think next time we will keep it closer to home.

That being said, OH how I love you girls! Thanks for being just as wild and crazy as I am! I do so love being with all of you!

OK, now for the rest of you. Hang tight. I just got my camera to down load pictures and obviously there is some updating to do. However, my children are calling me and my sweet D needs to be hooked back up to his feedings. Just know that he is good. Better than good. Ridiculous even. He laughs almost constantly. In fact, when he tries to cry he has to stop because the sound of his own cry even cracks him up! He is hilarious! We all are SO glad to finally have a plan with him! I will fill you in later! Off to my offspring!


Rideout Family said...

Good, crazy times. I love you and miss you.
I am so happy to hear that Dawson is doing so good. I miss that little man.

Norris Fam said...

You do love me...I knew you did!

I don't think you should stick closer to home, I think you should go farther. Like, um...southern Utah maybe!

Kristin and Jay said...

Wow, I look somewhat crazed in that picture. One day I will MAKE you put a normal picture of me on your blog! I was fun.....lets go again.... and maybe we can go a little further south this time!

-Kels- said...


i dont understand you ppl and your Twilight love...

I am super Glad D man is doing much better... details i need details!
give everyone a love for me
<3 always
Kelllsy Kaye

Megan said...

Nice to see you back and blogging. I'm glad you liked Twighlight and had a great time with your pals. I must confess, I haven't seen the movie yet. It's just not calling to me!

-Kels- said...

so i have a really random thought...
i was on your page and JoDee Messina's song Bring on the Rain was playing and it reminded

me of the days of living with you and the Gleeds and me and the kids dancing crazily in the kitchen to JoDee Messina and Joy singing this song all the time...

Good times... Just made m miss them like crazy! Have you heard from them???

Kate said...

Oh Amy... well I still love you. And I'll admit it does look like you had fun!

Amy Lindstrom said...


That is funny! I totally went through TONZ of Jo Dee Messina songs the other day. They all made me smile. I was thinking of the same thing. I can't not think of the Gleeds!

We randomly ran into them in Salt Lake in Mayish. The girls are all grown up and it is CRAZY! I miss them so much too!

You should email them or call them. They live in Preston, ID. I have talked to Joy a few times!

-Kels- said...

do you have their email address????

Jess said...

Just had to say I haven't seen it or read the book yet!

I've been told I am crazy.