Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ever seen something so funny you couldn't laugh HARD ENOUGH?!

Jeni and Kara came into town last weekend. It was SO fun to see them! You KNOW this meant GIRL'S NIGHT!
We started off with 14 of us at dinner at Rico's in Ketchum. Last time we went to Rico's we laughed so hard it put Jelina into labor the next day. This time, with Shalece due anytime, we hoped to do the same. It took a few days before Addaley made her appearance, but it wasn't for the lack of trying!
After dinner we all piled in and headed for Michelle's house. With her hubby and her daughter Kellsy's hubby camping it was the PERFECT place to party all night! Karaoke and all!
Michelle and Shalece made carmel popcorn and while we all stood around visiting Michelle disappeared upstairs only to return in THIS little number! Oh THE PARTY IS ON!! She meant business! :) From there we laughed until we couldn't laugh hard enough!
Michelle had to teach seminary in the morning so we finally gave up and headed home at 1:30 am! All of us sore from laughing,'ll see, and singing!
Jelina started us off!

Dawn followed!

AND THEN...well, it all just got a little crazy!
I LOVE Jeni's face in this one! I could listen to her laugh all day! Funny thing was, she couldn't stop! Michelle was killing us all! Michelle YOU'VE GOT THE MOVES sista!

I think this was about 1:30ish. We finished off with a little "CELEBRATION". The whole night we pretty much picked songs and everyone sang along. It was SO much fun!
Now girls, I am about to bust out the videos. You knew I would! There are somethings that are just for us (Jeni has all of those pictures), but we can't NOT share this! And we can't FORGET this! The video's are pretty short! ENJOY!

Jeni & Kristin. I LOVE when these two get together!

Michelle & her daughter Kellsy! Michelle is SUCH a fun mom! Her girls love her to pieces! I am sure that her moves are part of that reason! :) Love you Michelle! You know I do!

Half way through the night we pushed furniture out of the way and started trying to do leaps. For the life of me I have NEVER been able to do a "switch leap". It is where you start with having your front leg forward and then in the air you switch to the other in front. I almost kill myself everytime I try. SO, I tried. We were all trying. Then Jeni & Dawn decided that maybe if Dawn spotted Jeni she could do it...nope! Funny though!

Alright girls...only 3 1/2 weeks until the ULTIMATE GIRLS WEEKEND in Park City! I can't wait! Don't be suprised if the Karaoke makes it into the back of the vehicle! I think this night deserves to be re-lived!


-Kels- said...

You ladies are Crazy! I LOVE IT

Rideout Family said...

I can't see the video with Kristin and I. Maybe that is a good thing. Holy cow that was a fun night. I am counting down to the next one. I just may drag my sisters along, they are as crazy if not crazier than me.

Rideout Family said...

Okay, I just saw it. Next time I need to wear a belt or a longer shirt.

Norris Fam said...

Maybe I'm sorta glad I wasn't there...but it sure was fun to laugh at all of you! I'd be the one who cracked my head open on Michelle's fireplace :)

Kristin and Jay said...

We are dang awesome! Who wouldn't want to hang out with us =)? hah!

Tana said...

You are some wild and crazy girls. And can you believe you had all that fun with no alcohol, it is hard to believe. Oh, and kinda funny, the first video of Jeni and Kristen all I could hear was Clint Black singing, "Something that we do." And I was thinking, I love those dance moves to this song. Then I realized I had to pause his song I could hear the real song. Funny stuff.