Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So, my Mom just emailed me a little tid-bit she got from by brother-in-law. It is too good not to share!

I LOVE music! LOVE IT! I almost always have something playing in the background, or while I am driving...which usually includes me singing at the top of my lungs! :) NOW I have a NEW way to get that music!

If you click on this link: PANDORA. It will take you to their website. On it you can create your OWN radio stations! You just type in a favorite artist, song or composer and VOILA! It will play songs that are like the one you just mentioned that they think you might like! I have been listening all day and they are DEAD ON! I love it!

It is all just go CHECK IT OUT! HAVE FUN!


Brian and Kara said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I had pandora on my favorites in idaho and I lots it with my new internet. I honestly was just wondering yesterday what it was that I had gone on! I need something to listen to while i creat my blog book! Thanks !

jeni said...

That is so great! Thanks for the info. Listening to G Love and Special Sauce right now.

christa said...

You're so right Amy, love it. Thanks for the link. I typed in Chris Daughtry and they played Bon Jovi. . .love them. Your blog is great, have a good day!