Monday, September 22, 2008

{MONDAY'S MENU} Despo's Maximo Knock Off & Coconut Cream Pie

For those of you that have never been to Desperado's {a girls night out fave} I am going to try to share some of it's amazing yummy-ness with you! I am sure that Carrie, Jeni & Kara will appreciate it, as they are likely going through withdrawls! OH YEAH... it is that good!

Last time Ry and I went to Despo's, Ry talked me into trying the "MAXIMO BURRITO"! DELISH! So good, in fact, that I came home and tried to make it myself. I would say that I did a pretty good job! So, now with a little help from PW, I will show YOU how to take a little Desperado's home with you!


For those of you that haven't seen it, PW has an amazing recipe for Spicy Shredded Pork! It is amazing and VERY versatile! I made it this week and used it for Quesadilla's, Salad & These babies! It is SO easy and SO good! The "rub" smells AMAZING! And even Jake, LOVED the results! So, to start you are going to have to click HERE to get that recipe!

Now just cook up some rice. Season it however you want. I DON'T like the minute rice for this AND would have normally used Brown, but I didn't, I am going to authenticity people! I used Medium Grain white rice. When it was done I added a can of chopped green chili's, juice and all. THEN you want to heat some canned black beans. Then when they are warm stir them into the rice, juice and all. This will season your rice nicely and make everything a lot easier!

Now, you are going to want to make sure that you use the BIG flour tortilla's. Why do I say this? Well, because I didn't! I used the little ones, and they were a pain!

Heat each torilla in the microwave for 20 sec. Then fill with a spoonful of the rice mixture and then plenty of the shredded pork. Roll and place in a baking dish. Continue until you have as many as you want.

Now cover all of the burrito's with Enchilada sauce. Make sure to lift each burrito just a bit to let the sauce get under them. Then cover with PLENTY of cheese! There is no cheese inside, so don't be shy!

Because all of your ingredients went into the burrito's warm, all we need to do is warm the sauce and melt the cheese. Put them in a preheated 400 degree oven. Then just cook until the cheese is all melted.

I served these alone. I am sure you could add guac (yuck), sour cream (yuck) or tomato's (yuck) if you wanted to ruin...I mean make them according to your taste, but well, I didn't, for whatever reason! :) I also served bean dip & salsa with tortilla chips. Mostly to help keep my boys content while I wrapped everything up in the kitchen! Sunday's and church from 11:30-2:30 with a baptism at 3pm and not getting home until after 4pm, can make for some SERIOUSLY hungry people!

Then we topped it all of with THIS!


With Sheena walking around at church with a Chocolate Factory Candied Apple & Kristin telling us about Jay's Butterfinger & Snickers Shakes, we came home from church with a bit of a sweet tooth. I generally don't have anything in the house that is very treat-ish, but we were in need! As luck would have it, I had some coconut cream pudding AND coconut! So I whipped this baby up! OH YEAH! My hubby loves me! :)

First you will have to flash back to my berry pie to get the pie crust recipe, which is HERE.

Then just mix the pudding according to the Pie recipe on the box, with a little less milk. Then stir in a bit of whip cream. Now normally you would use the real stuff, all whipped up and everything, but well, this was Sunday and we had to use what we had. I used Cool Whip, and it did fine...not perfect, but fine.

Poor filling into pre-cooked & cooled crust. Spread a thin layer of whip cream on top, and then, because I am my mothers daughter and it has to look pretty, I toasted a little coconut and sprinkled it on top! YUM!

Put it in the fridge and let it set for a bit, until you are ready to serve it!

Now, don't mind this, um well, not flattering in the LEAST BIT pic of me, I mean YIKES! But it must be documented!
After dinner the kids and I curled up into a corner of the couch to watch one of my favorite movie, "THE LABYRINTH", Oh yeah, the one with David Bowie! AWESOME!

Anyway, I felt like the luckiest mom in the world! D of course wanted a cuddle, but Mal wanted one too. Then Jake had to sit as close as he could get! I LOVED it!
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Rideout Family said...

All that looks so good. I love coconut anything. I wonder if it would be good with one of those crushed oreo pie crusts. Kind of like a mounds candy bar. I love those. I am hungry!

Norris Fam said...

Coconut cream pie is one of my biggest weaknesses (I had a mini one this weekend actually)! But I didn't know they made coconut cream pudding- I'm totally buying some TODAY!

Let us know what they find out about your sis!

Gear Gang said...

I think I am going to try your burrito tonight. Maybe. I am not sure if my hair is wild enough yet. But I am thinking about it.

Snakes and snail and puppy dog tails...... Dance, Magic, Dance.
Oh yea. I remember the Labrynth.

~Tiffany~ said...

Please stop, I have gained some serious weight. I have tried out almost all your recipes. I love them all. I'm always looking for new ideas for dinner, and your blog has really done the trick. Me and my big behind, thank you!

Anonymous said...

What a cute picture of you and the kids. We love you...

Dad and Sondi

Courtney said...

Amy, after getting over my fury that you would dare to eat Mexican food without guac, sour cream, and TOMATOES (oh my heart!), I realized that we really are the perfect pair because betwixt the two of us, we'll lick the platter clean :)

Jasmine said...

what a happy family. i love it!!!

jessica rabbit said...

That food looks SOOOO good!