Monday, September 22, 2008


**UPDATE: Rach is now at home. Her appendix was removed successfully. She is loaded up on pain meds and will be down and out for the rest of the week. My mom told me that she was so scared to go into surgery. It makes me sad to think of her being that scared! I love my sweet Rach! When Jake found out about all of this last night he went right into his room and wrote her a letter, which is just about the CUTEST letter I have ever read, and drew a picture! We will mail that today. I am sure Rach will LOVE it!
Thanks for all your thoughts & prayers!

My mom just emailed me this morning to let us know that Rachel is in the hospital. After a lot of pain and some testing they found a stone in her appendix that had caused an abscess. Her white blood cell count was really high. They are giving her plenty of antibiotics and some pretty heavy duty pain meds to keep her out. She was admitted and will be going into surgery this morning.

Please send prayers her way. I am sure that she is really scared, and of course, we are praying that all will go smoothly with the surgery!

We love you Rachey-Spachey! Hang in there!
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Brenda said...

She will be in my prayers. I hope that everything goes well.

Robyn said...

Oh tell her good luck, thats scary! We will keep her in our prayers!

Courtney said...

Ouchie! Keep us updated!