Friday, September 19, 2008

I forgot to post these a while ago...So a lot of you know that a struggle we have with Dawson is Pressure sores/bed sores. Because he can't support or shift his own weight his tailbone gets A LOT of use. Sitting and laying down, both require it's use. We do a pretty good job at shifting his position a lot, but we mostly struggled with the night stuff. Sleeping for 8-10 hours, mostly in the same position, was really wearing on him.
THE SOLUTION....A hospital "Air Bed" Mattress! Yep, one of those high-tech changes your position/pressure point for your types. This required D to lose his crib and join the big kid world in his own big boy bed!
Mal & D share a room. A couple of times it has NOT been a good thing, but for the most part they do really well. In fact on of our favorite things is when we are down stairs and can hear Mal making D laugh, through the monitor. She says something and laughs from her bed and he responds! He loves his sister!
D was quite happy and comfy in his new bed!

I think he knew this was a big deal!

His brother even turned over his "SUPER COOL" Lightening McQueen sheets!

Every night or afternoon, while we are trying to put them down for a nap, Mal has to come over to D's bed and get a laugh. Here she is mid fake of his FAVORITE sounds! You can also get the same reaction by saying "Kachow", crinkling a plastic bag, seperating velcro and pulling packaging tape from a tape gun. We will have to record some of these for you. It is HILARIOUS!

As you can see, she gets quite pleased with herself and her ability to entertain!

Oh, and just as a side note...Dawson's pressure sores are GONE G-O-N-E GONE! Woo HOo!


atki family said...

That is so awesome Amy! I bet D is going to love life. What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving?

Rideout Family said...

I wish I could see him so I could give him a big kiss. He is so cute. I love him and miss him so much. Mal is such a good sister, I love and miss her too. Give them both a hug and kiss from me.
By the way, my girls and the Norris girls have made up some one liner song that involves Jacob. They sing it and crack themselves up everytime.

jill said...

That is so great to have such a terrible problem taken care of!! I think it's so darling how they make each other laugh, mal is such a good big sis!

Norris Fam said...

It is such a huge blessing to have these advances in medicine and supplies now-a-days! How nice to have something make him feel better. How's his stomach (and bowels) these days???

Jasmine said...

that girl makes me laugh so much. yea!!!! for dawson....hes growin up! miss ur fam!!!

The Sharp Family said...

Yeah for happy Dawson! he looks happy in his big boy bed. Your kids are getting so cute!
Great game huh? you should just come over for the away games...we need some more support here too!

Gear Gang said...

Oh yea!!! Dawson what a big step. I miss you Bubby. I can't believe you are in a big boy bed.

Daws, Did you know you trully have the two best parents ever? How lucky are you!!