Tuesday, August 19, 2008

that's right baby {DEN LEADER} aka AKELAH

What is the best calling you could possibly have...DEN LEADER! I am SO excited to help these little hoodlums with scouts! They are such a good group of boys! These are not all my boys...I have heard that I will have all the 8 year olds in the Hailey 1st, 2nd & Sun Valley Ward. So maybe 2 more! Seriously! Sad isn't it?! Actually we are recruiting friends like mad! Hopefully we get a pretty good group.

Today we worked like crazy to get our Bobcat done so the boys get a good start at their first Pack Meeting next Tuesday.

This is Hunter, Jake, Easton, Drew & Carson

Because they all memorized all of their stuff to get their Bobcat they all got their WOLF paw. They thought that was pretty funny. So did Mallory. She colored all over her cheek and when Shalece came to pick up Easton she said, "Look at my face. Is it pretty boo-tiful?" What a nut!

I did eventually give her a WOLF paw...although, when she saw it she said, "oh cool, Clue Clues (Blues Clues).

Ah, the Cub Scout sign! I do so love those 2 little ears that are ready to listen!

I CAN'T WAIT to jump in to this with these boys. We are going to have SO much fun!
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Robyn said...

oh the joys of cub scouts! I was Cub master for 2 years, good times! I will be very prepared for when holden is there, but it still kills me some of the things they do! Im sure they love you!

jeni said...

That is the most handsome group of scouts I have ever seen. I love and miss them too.

Courtney said...

I think that is THE WORLD'S WORST CALLING!!! Oh my heck, I wanted to stab my eyes out!

You'll be perfect for the job though! Especially if you're enthusiastic about it AT ALL :)

Amy Lindstrom said...

Courtney, YOU CRACK ME UP!! When Russ gets old enough, you will be all over it. Then I hope your hungry cause I'll make you eat those words! :)

Sondi said...

We love to see Jakob in his little cub scout outfit....

Love, Dad and Sondi

Jasmine said...

I love your blogs...they always make me laugh. Mallory just keeps on getting cuter and cuter. Miss you crazy people

Jess said...

You are a den mother...me too!!!!