Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i've been TAGGED...I think!

So my friend Robyn tagged me...I think. Well, she tagged Amy, and she has at least 3 links to Amy's, so I SUPPOSED it was me that she ment! :) Thanks Robyn! HA!
It is a fun little tagging! You take a picture of 10 things in your house. The rules...no cleaning! Just show us what you've got!
#1-Quite possibly one of my FAVORITE things is the view from my bed out this window! I LOVE this mountain! I love waking up and seeing nothing but trees and this red mountain out my window. (Like the camera in the corner? I knew you did!)
#2-My living room.
#3-My Kitchen...it is night time people. THAT is the only reason why this place is clean!
#4-My fridge. You wanna know something about me...well, I am kinda obsessive about the fridge being clean. I like to have it organized. I pull everything out and clean it about twice a month (when I do my big load shopping). Weird, I know...but alas...
#5-This is my office. See that chair right there...well, it misses me. I haven't been able to warm it for a couple of days. TOO BUSY! It is also where I should be sitting doing some collections or something else I am neglecting with work. Sorry Ryan...hey, do you think I am immune from being fired when my husband is my boss and he likes my paychecks? Hmmm.....
#6-This is my closet. Yes, all of the clothes are organized by color. I remember growing up making fun of Lisa, my little sister, for doing this. Then I started. I don't think it is physically possible for me to hang them any other way now. Oh my! I think I am revealing too much about myself! I am suddenly feeling like I need to check into a clinic or something! Shoot!
#7- Ahhhh....now I am feeling much better! THIS is the toy closet/room. I HATE to clean it! HATE IT! Do you know how many times I have smacked my head on that ceiling?! I have been known to pay children upwards of $7 to clean and organize it for me! SAMMI!!! COME BACK!!
#8- This is what my kids are doing.... NIGHTY NIGHT!
This one isn't quite there yet. He is busy making a fortress to keep the damsel out of his room in the wee hours of the morning. She likes to raid it while he is OUT COLD!
#9-THIS is the man I keep here! Oh Lawsy! I LIKE HIM, I LIKE HIM, I LIKE HIM!
Right now he is an especially happy man because he just got back from a little bit of this! He loves that! AND I love him! And he loves me because I kick him out of the house at night, frequently, to send him to snag some fishes! He works hard. He needs a break sometimes!
#10- And who is this round little thing?? Well, it is ME of course! Can you believe this is my newborn picture?? That is another thing I keep at my house...an everlasting, ongoing, terribly sincere apology to my mother for being 6 weeks late and almost 11 lbs. But man I was cute, HUH?? That made up for it, right mom?! :)

Aw crud...now I am baby hungry again! STOP THAT!!
AND NOW FOR THE TAGGING... Hmmm, I shall like to see Courtney, Kate, Dani, Ernie & Anita, Melissa, Brenda, Brooke, Carrie, Jess, Jeni & Tiffany and well, any other person that would like to do it. OH AND KARA!


MOM said...

Oh man! Now I'm baby hungry too!!!
Yes it was worth it.

Courtney said...

You're baby hungry for yourself? That's really funny... I've taught you well :)

Kristin and Jay said...

I have to sincerely thank you for not tagging me! It would have been humiliating =)! Or I would have cleaned first =). I mean are you for real. EVERY room in your house is immaculate!

Norris Fam said...

Is it possible to hate someone and love someone at the same time. I hate you for having such a clean, organized home, but you know I always love you :)

Ingersoll Family said...

I love to hear from you on my blog. I am so happy we are keeping in touch.

If you ever come down to visit Grandma Lindstrom, give me a call because my parents still live right across the street.

Love ya, Monica

Brenda said...

You didn't really tag me...did you?!?! I am just in the middle of unpacking....boxes and piles of stuff every where....so, hmmmmm, we will see:) It might just be a really scary post from me.
Your house is perfectly put in place. So nice! I wish I could say the same for mine.

Jeni said...

Do you think I even want to play this game after seeing your beautiful, clean, organized home? Maybe I will play in about a month.

Robyn said...

Yes, that tag was for you! Sorry I should have been more clear! But your house is way to clean!:) Love the video's of the gymnastics so funny too! Thanks for the comment earlier today too! I needed it! Your a great friend!

Lombardo Family said...

Amy, I just love to read your blog. I will work on the tag thing. I'm not too good at that, but stay tuned.

Lombardo Family said...

Amy, I just love to read your blog. I will work on the tag thing. I'm not too good at that, but stay tuned.

Lombardo Family said...
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mallory said...

MALLORY IS HUGE! You have to come visit us I want to see your kids badly :D I can't believe how much they have grown up!

Jeremy & Natalie said...

That is so funny about your clothes, because I am totally the same way. If my husband tries to put away the clothes, and they are not done by color, I end up going back & redoing them.