Friday, August 22, 2008


I know that I have mentioned this before, but I have to make mention once again. Mostly because there was a little while there that Jake did NOTHING on his blog. However, he is SO excited now because I taught him how to go into Picasa post pictures from there. He is doing a really good job AND he is doing it COMPLETELY on his own! He even picked the "paper" to use in his template!

He is even more excited about comments than I get! That's saying a lot! I LOVE to hear from all of you! Even if I don't know you, it is just WAY too much fun!

So, give him a shout and a peak every now and then. If you click on his picture over there on the right, in my sidebar, you will be taken right to it!

Oh, and I have to make mention of his music selection! OH MY HECK! I laughed so hard as he rattled off songs to me. He can't believe songs that are on Guitar Hero (thanks Logan & Jaz) are REAL songs. FreeBird, Hold On Loosely...the list goes on! SO FUNNY!

Go Enjoy! It is pretty cute!

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Megan said...

Amy - I just have to say that I can't believe how "Lindstrom" Jake looks. Seeing his cute picture on the side of your blog makes me feel like I'm back in first grade riding the school bus with Jared Lindstrom!