Friday, August 22, 2008

HELLO my LOVEY's....Thank You Pioneer Woman!

There are not words to describe my excitement (which you know, coming from me, means A LOT)! The other day PW had a contest on her Cooking Blog and I entered! GUESS WHAT....I WON!! Woo hoo! I have been coveting her knife for a LONG time, I could never have hoped to actually own one, let alone 2, plus a sharpener and a bamboo cutting board! THANK YOU PW!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Oh what will I chop first? The possibilities seem endless! One thing is for sure, you will see a lot more of these babies in the future!

If you haven't already been converted to there NOW! The link is down on the right side of my blog! You will love me for sending you there! :)
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Brian and Kara said...

Oh my gosh you won! I try to win stuff off there all the time and haven't won squat. Congrats. Did you see the give away for the chore chart. That is going to be mine=)

MOM said...

Okay, so be really careful with those knives!! You know how I am about that. Congrats on the win though. I am going to check out the site right now.

Amber said...

I am totally jealous... I LOVE pioneer woman. She's awesome. I'm so glad you won! You will love these knives! I'm better see them featured in the "monday's menu" soon! By the way, I would leave more comments, but I have dang DSL, so your site takes about 2 minutes to load, I only ever read your posts on my google reader..... Someday I'll get cable internet!!

jeni said...

I have never won anything. You lucky ducky.

Norris Fam said...

Oh dear, another large knife for Mallory to carry around and try to kill someone with...thanks a lot Pioneer Woman :)