Monday, August 25, 2008

{MONDAY'S MENU} Citrus Grillers Chicken

HEY YA'LL! I know crazy isn't it! A Monday's Menu ON MONDAY! Who woulda thunk?! That is the kinda craziness that happens when life starts to settle back into some sorta schedule! I LOVE BACK TO SCHOOL! 1 down, 2 to go! Oh yeah, did I mention Mal & Dawson start school this year? Yep! Developmental Preschool. Not only will I get 3 hours to myself almost every morning, but I will ALSO get rid of about 5 different therapy appointments! They will now be at school with the kids EVERYDAY! WIN WIN!! Oh I love WIN WIN!! More on all of this LATER!

For now, it is time to discuss and share what we had for dinner last night! Mmmm Mmmm!! This recipe comes from my sister in law, that I just so happen to love like KAH-RAZY! Jasmine, move closer to me! I would love that SOOO very much! PA-LEEEEZZ!!

So Jazzy Jazzer Jazersize sent this to me, then spent weeks encouraging me to try it. Why did it take weeks? Well, because I wasn't feelin the making dinner thing for a few weeks! My poor fam! NO WORRIES! I am back and they are happy! So let's get to making you happy!


4 small Boneless Skinless chicken breasts (alright, I used thighs, PW told me to and she gave me knives so I do what she says, DANG IT!)

5 medium oranges

1/2 c. Bulls Eye Original BBQ Sauce

Easy so far, right?! So, take your BBQ sauce and squeeze all of the juice from one orange. Now mix them together. Pour half of it in a resealable bag. Now add the meat. Put it in the fridge for about 15 min.

Now, cut your remaining oranges into 4 slices each. Notice the cameo appearance! OH YEAH, those are the knives that dreams are made of people! They cut through oranges like they are butter! I have never giggled, well alright cackled is probably closer, like I did when I was chopping veggies, fruit & even raw meat! I love you PW, have I told you that lately?!
Alright, now go preheat your grill to medium.
Now place your chicken on the slices. I guess if I was following the recipe I would stretch 1 breast over 2 slices, however.....

Now brush the chicken with your remaining sauce. NO, not the one that came from the bag, use the other half, still in the bowl!
Cook for 5 min.
Flip the chicken over on the orange, baste again, then cook for another 5-10, or until done.

Grill your remaining orange slices and put them on a plate. (Alright so we burnt the snot out of most the oranges, 2 it is!) Then add the chicken. Throw the slices you cooked the chicken on away. You know, the whole raw chicken thing!
This is some yummy stuff! I loved it, Ryan (who is generally not a citrus kinda guy) loved it and the kids wouldn't touch it! Not because it wasn't good, because they are stingy, picky little stinkers and there was jello to be had! NICE! If it is any consolation, Mal did gnaw on some spinach leaves and ate plenty of carrots & raisins. Yes, that did it, I feel better!
And Ryan's contribution...because I hate bread and so I ALWAYS forget to include some form of it for him. Poor Ryan! This became a family affair when Jake threw his Jello Jigglers into the mix. Mally LOVED the jigglers and we liked hearing her say, Jello Jigglers. And they were grape, so you can't go wrong here!I made this lovely salad to go with the chicken. It is one of my faves. Mostly because it is a spinach base, and then, well just toss anything you can find in with it! YUMMY!Now get your hubby to place 8 of the orange slices on the grill....Alright I did 6, whatever!


Brian and Kara said...

Looks yummy, and im still jealous of that darn knife=)

Jelina said...

That chicken looks so yummy. Too bad Ben won't eat sweet with fruit on green salads, no citrus on meats, etc., etc. I love it, though.

Jeni said...

When I saw the picture of the grape jello jigglers and then the bread I was thinking that I would scroll down and see some kind of jello jiggler sandwich. ew! Hey maybe you should try that next, peanut butter and a grape jello jiggler. I want to hear Mal say jello jiggler. I miss you guys!

Christie Moak said...

The chicken looks really good! I'm going to have to try it! I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the recipe.

Lombardo Family said...

Good grief Amy, I want to come eat at your house. Poor Aaron never gets such gourmet meals.

Saun and Wes said...

Can we please come eat at your house? Your food always looks so good! And Ryan, wow-that chicken looks cooked to perfection. We might have to make a trip to your neck of the woods just so we can taste your yummy food.

I also love how your kids wouldn't touch it. Mine are the exact same. I cook something awesome and they won't have anything to do with it. Bring on the mac n cheese.