Friday, July 18, 2008

this is how we [ROLL]

For our adventure yesterday I took the kids up to Hemingway Elementary in Sun Valley (Warm Springs). Then we rode our bikes back home. About 15 miles total. How were we going to get the Excursion back?! Well, that was to be figured out later! :)

This is how we started.....

Once we got going we were doing pretty good. Jake was on his little bike because his big bike has a flat tire. That boy had to PEDAL! His bum was sore 15 min. into the ride and we had about 2 hours more to go! He did alright though. He actually really enjoyed all of the beautiful places. I am telling you, if you come to visit DO NOT leave until we have been on this path! There are places in Ketchum/Hailey that I didn't know existed until I went on this ride! IT IS BEAUTIFUL! I love LOVE love living here!

Jake stopped to get a drink. This is such a pretty part of the path!

Mal kept trying to climb out. She was belted in pretty good, but figured out that she REALLY liked when the wind was blowing on her. She kept saying "FASTER FASTER Go FAST!". Dawson loved the ride and would laugh every time we hit a bumpy part.
I wish my camera wasn't so lame! This is one of my favorite parts of the trail! It is so peaceful and pretty!

Once we hit the Heatherlands, a residential community in Mid-Valley, we decided to take a little rest. We were almost home, but it was a PERFECT time for the kids to have a snack and get a little running in!

Mmmm, JUICE!

Hey, guess what Dawson is not fond of.....GRASS!! I tried to do a little work with him on textures and desensitizing him a little...he didn't like that so much! He just wanted loves! What D wants, D gets! I totally caved and had a happy least until I put him back in the trailer. Apparently he wasn't quite done with me!

I loved watching Mal run around. She LOVED getting out and stretching her legs a bit. Oh, and thanks for the SO CUTE clothes Carrie!

My 8 year old has his dad's sense of style! CHURCH SOCKS?! YIKES! HONESTLY! :) I love this boy! He hung in there the whole way. Then this morning he asked if we could go on a "monster bike ride again today".

LOVE that face!


Oh did I mention that there are swings right where we stopped? Once the 50-something year old man with the iPod, who was taking his swinging quite seriously, was finished I turned the kids loose.

I LOVE this ride! If you live here and you haven't made it YOU MUST! It is amazing! In fact, if it weren't for my unreasonable fear of being pounced on by a mountain lion I would have rode my bike up this morning to get the truck. I was up at 5:30 am and on my bike, but well....I chickened out! Seriously, IT COULD HAPPEN! Maybe some evening in the next week or so I will head up. This morning I just had to settle on a ride around our loop, at least until I couldn't feel my arms, nose or ears anymore. It is cold here in the morning. I think it was like 55! Brrr!


Brian and Kara said...

I miss the bike path=(

Norris Fam said...

We've never gone...are we going to make it there? I will try!

Courtney said...

That is a fun path...we did it when we lived in JE-rome :)

That made me think, you want to sell the Excursion and I just saw a thing on TV about how NOBODY is buying those things back... is that true in Idaho?

Jasmine said...

I love your kids!!! and especially some of your 90s love songs. i am enjoying listening to them while im at work . love ya, u crazy girl