Thursday, July 17, 2008

a day at {ALTURAS}

Can I just say...we live in SUCH a beautiful area! About an hour north of us we have 2 BEAUTIFUL lakes, both with sandy beaches! Red Fish & Alturas. Michelle had the bright idea to head up for the day. So we all packed picnics, toys & life jackets and made our way up there!
Mal & Jake loved it! Dawson...not so much...more on that in a minute!

The girls...chillin'! Now, when I took this Mallory was right behind me. I knew that even with a life jacket I would have to really watch for her. She doesn't get danger and she LOVES water. So, I took the picture, then I made sure she was ok and walked away, about 10 steps, to put my camera in my seat so I could play with her. I turned back around before getting to my chair just to make sure she was fine...I MEAN 10 STEPS! That is when we learned a valuable lesson. Even when your nearly 3 year old is surrounded by 6-8 year olds...that doesn't neccessarily mean that they will notice if she is drowning!

I dropped my camera and ran like nobody's business, into the lake. I grabbed her and it took her a second to catch her breath. Kinda freaked me out! Thank goodness for life jackets. Although, with a life jacket, if your kid is in full panic mode, they will flip back and forth from stomach to back and even on their back, their face is covered in water.

So, this is why Dawson didn't like the trip so much. It was past 11:30 and he was not in his bed, that was one thing, but the fact that he just wanted to be held and loved the whole time, and couldn't be because his pesky sister needed CONSTANT attention, and mom's arms couldn't be occupied...well, that was enough to make him down right ticked! Poor bubba!

After sitting on my lap for a while, Mal was back at it. From there, it was just fun fun fun!

Ankle deep is really perfect for her...and my nerves!

We shared our beach with some really nice people. They had a fun raft that the kids liked playing on, and then they let us borrow THIS one to go rescue a drifting toy! MICHELLE was ON IT! Nice save Michelle!

I loved that it was a Bud Light cracked me up! Michelle was nice enough to let the kids take turn getting rides. Mallory LOVED it! Michelle said that she was saying, "I love boating". She is funny!

There she goes! This time Drew & Hunter got to hop on with them. Mal looks like she is crying, but she's is not. There were a lot of "wee's" and "woohoo's" going on.

That really was such a fun day. It also inspired me to get out more. It is a lot easier to find ways to entertain my 3 at home. With Daws, if you are going anywhere for a few hours, you pack like your going for a week! However, this is a beautiful area and we LOVE it. So, I made a goal with my kids. Everyday we are going to go out and find something fun and exciting to do. Once a week we have to find something to do that we have never done before. I am sure that on top of that there will be plenty of trips to the lake, splash parks & local parks. Maybe a trip to Boise for the zoo and Jake requests Boondocks. All we know is that this summer will be A BLAST!


Gear Gang said...

This is the second drowning story I have read on my blog list today. I am pretty sure we can not survive without Mally's Unbelivable optimistic way. Tell her Aunt Lisa says: Be careful, Mally. You can only go in water when Mommy is with you.

The Sharp Family said...

How scary Amy...glad she is okay. I am jealous of the beautiful lakes you are near. I miss that. When I lived in Boise I lived in the water. I miss you too!

Courtney said...

Bud Light, that's cute :)

Must have missed the drowning story in my skim, I'll have to go back for that!