Tuesday, July 22, 2008

If You Haven't Already Been...Allow Me To Introduce You To (GOOGLE READER)

Can I just say that I LOVE Google Reader! Many of you know already...alright probably all of you! I LOVE BLOGGING! I love getting other people to blog, setting up blogs for other people and keeping track of all of YOU through blogging!

If you haven't noticed my link list has gotten quite lengthy! This poses a problem for a mother of a crazy fun 8 year old and special needs twins! It was starting to REALLY take quite a bit of time to click through all of the links and check to see IF anyone had posted. That all ended with a tip from KaLee! THANKS KaLee!

Go to www.google.com/reader. Then just click on "add subscription" and type in a blog address that you would like to keep track of, repeat until the websites you like to keep tabs on (not just blogs) are added. Now click on "updated" and every time you come back to this page when you log in, it will put up links to all of the updated sites on your list. It will also allow you to read them right there. HOWEVER, and this is IMPORTANT! The only rule is that you NEED to click on the blog name and it will link you straight to the blog. It is MUCH cuter that way and THEN you can leave comments...because we all know how much we LOVE comments from our friends!
Now, if I suddenly notice a drop in comment amounts....you are all busted and I will scold you all! :)



Courtney said...

I think it would be really funny if nobody commented here :)

Amy Lindstrom said...

YOU are funny! DORK! :)

Brenda said...

Sounds easy...not...hahaha. I think that I need to read that again to figure out how to set it up. My mind is a little mushi at the moment :)
I'm in Utah too!!!