Saturday, June 28, 2008

this calls for a {CELEBRATION}

Why would I post a can of Spam on my blog? Wait, does that mean I am admitting that I OWN a can of Spam? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT DOES! NOT because I would even consider eating it, but because I will puree and pump this stuff through my boys stomach with pure joy & relief!
Let me explain....Dawson is allergic to Soy, Dairy, Wheat, Oats, Eggs, Nuts...yep, just about everything but dirt! We are constantly on a quest to find some kind of protein that we can blend up and put through his little g-tube (a feeding tube on the outside of his tummy that allows us to put food straight into stomach). It is hard to find anything that doesn't contain soy! EVERYTHING uses soy as a filler! NOT Spam! SO, we will be stocking our shelves!
Nothing like a pureed canned, can shaped hot dog! YUMMY! :)

In fact, the Dietician, when I told her about this find, did some research and found it to be quite healthy! There are not a lot of extra fillers and preservatives! We also discovered Canned Corn Beef Hash! NOW THAT is a heart attack in a can...unless your Dawson, then it is the PERFECT answer to all of our worries! With Dawson, the more fat, protein and calories, in whatever their form, the better!

SO, when the can says........

(Celebrate Spam?? Honestly, I can't stop laughing whenever I read that!)
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Courtney said...

That's crazy... you just don't realize about food allergies until you've lived it, I'm sure. I've noticed that people with peanut allergies must have a hard time too... it's in everything!

Dirk & Dae said...

People in Hawaii LIVE on this stuff! There must be something amazing about it. Whatever works for your little man! Great find!