Friday, June 27, 2008


I LOVE that Mal LOVES Dawson! I wonder what it is that goes through her mind just before she decides to run to him as fast as she can, grab his little cheeker and plant a BIG OLE kiss on his cute mug.

Yesterday she had a little something special going for him. She kept coming in and kissing his hands then all of the way up his arm and then all over his face.
I think she is thinking that she now needs to help out with all of his therapy. She would come to him and say, "lift up your arm, lift up your arm" as she pulled them up.

I know this is TOTALLY blurry. But I just couldn't resist. Look at him looking at her. He sure loves his little sissy (He IS 1 minute older you know)!


Brian and Kara said...

They are too cute!

Kate said...

That is so sweet. That warms my heart :)