Thursday, June 12, 2008


Look at my little munchkins! They are growing so fast! I can't believe that it has been almost 3 years since this and this, which you can see more pictures of by going to August 2005 in our archive.

I {LOVE} this girl! I just can't get enough of her hugs and kisses! She dishes them out often, which I love!

LITTLE D is also doing so well! He is so much fun! I love his little personality! I know you all know, but can I just say, I am AMAZED by this boy! Not many people could survive 40 surgeries within a year and a half. Let alone the first year and a half, and 26 of them involving his brain! He is one tough little stinker!

Can you tell he is playing with me? What a little sneak!

He is totally coming into his new "big handsome boy" looks!

And there is not another thing in this world that I would rather see than this! Happy D!
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Brenda said...

What cute kiddos!!!! I love the little look that D is giving you in the first picture!

Robyn said...

Ok Amy, Im a retard, I so did not know your kids were born early and had to have all of this craziness! You are a trooper! I bet it has been a long road! You are a awesome women! And I know about nat, I have tried to tell her, she said she cant figure it out, Ill keep on her!

Jeni said...

I love Dawson and Mal so stinkin much. It has been fun to see the change in them.