Monday, June 2, 2008


Since playing Grandma's Gameboy on the way home from Disneyland, Jake has not been able to think of much more than getting one of his own. SO, he took all of his money in savings and went to work to get more.

Ryan sat with him the other day and taught him the ins and outs of Ebay. Jake learned how to bid and "won" his auction! He was so excited! This morning when I woke him up the VERY first thing he said was, "It's Monday, is my Gameboy here?" Well, after waiting ALL DAY for the mail lady IT IS FINALLY HERE! And he is excited about it...if you couldn't tell!

He also got paid for his GREAT grades and decided to spend just a little bit of that to get a couple games! Good Job Jake!
Jake has really learned to a lot about using money wisely. We are really impressed by how much he really takes it all in and how much interest he shows. He is sure to pay tithing and put money in savings each time he gets paid. He is really good about all of that. In fact too good, the other day he gave me a serious tongue lashing for going into debt to buy our Excursion. He told me maybe we should sell it and save next time and just pay for it....hmmm, yes, well that IS what we should have done! :)
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Robyn said...

He is so cute, looks like you have taught him well! Hey I saw Nat down at teh big firemans breakfast and guess who is having her 4th baby next week, you guessed it! I told her she needs to blog and she said she started one, so Ill try to find it and send it to you!

Amy Lindstrom said...

NO WAY!! Oh man, I miss Nat! I should totally call her! Thanks Robyn! Next time I am in town we will all have to go to lunch or something!

jill said...

What a good lesson on spending/saving...I think we could all learn a little from jake the great!

Anonymous said...


so i finally got a car that isnt a death trap so next weekend you are home you should let me know so i can come see you and your lovely family!!