Monday, June 2, 2008

{MONDAY'S MENU} Breakfast Burritos

Last weekend, while Ty & Suzi were here, we kind of established our own little Ty & Suze tradition. Last time they came I threw together some breakfast burrito's, which I had never made before, but they were a huge hit. SO of course the 2nd time I have ever made them needed to be when they were here again. Now if my phone rings and the voice of either of them say, "hey, we are on our way over" I will grab my keys and head straight for Albies for the goods that go in these puppies.

There is nothing original about a breakfast burrito, but I hope this inspires you to either try them for the first time or remember how yummy they are and throw them in somewhere!


#1- Crack open about a dozen eggs. Yep, a dozen! Come on I was feeding 6 people here!
#2- Get creative! Throw in anything and everything you can possibly think of! I know you can see those mushrooms floating around up there. Well, let me tell you, I went my ENTIRE life without realizing the pure joy that is a cooked mushroom. Now I crave them in EVERYTHING! LOVE THEM! I also added red peppers, which in my opinion are a must, they add the perfect flavor! Then there is cheese, a little milk, turkey sausage (seriously, use the pre-cooked stuff. SO much easier), bacon & onions.
#3- Why does salt have to be so bad for you? I really just realized how much better it makes almost everything! So, throw caution to the wind and throw in a bit of salt, pepper & any other little goodies you can think of. Fresh Dill or a little garlic salt would be good too.

#4-Now cook those babies! Mmmm, looks so yummy!

#5-Now roll them up in some warm tortilla's with a little salsa, ketchup or SYRUP (which was so yummy) and a little extra cheese and VOILA! SO YUMMY!
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Norris Fam said...

Will you make those for ME sometime??? When...tomorrow morning? Sure, I'll be there!