Thursday, June 5, 2008


I don't know how many of you know about this beautiful little contraption, but you really should get to know it! Oh my lawsy! This baby is SAWEET! I have wanted one of these for MONTHS! MONTHS! Only problem...$250 bucks! YOUCH! So, I have tried and tried to find ways to justify it. I didn't pay to renew my gym membership this year (of course that might have something to do with the gym I was going to) so I REALLY don't want all my work with strength training to turn to flub! I NEEDED something to help replace that!

Well, this was exactly how I had justified it as of Monday. My plan, Tuesday morning get on line and order the dang thing. So, Monday with nothing to do, but wait until Tuesday and try to find a way to entertain three children, I decided to go hit a couple of thrift stores in town in search for a patio furniture set, for EL-CHEAPO. You can see where this is going can't you?!

Building Thrift Material Store...Nothing. Advocates Attic....less than nothing. By now kids are tired and want to just go back home. So I call Barkin' Basement and ask if they have an outdoor table. "Yeah, I have something you can look at" she replied. So I promised just one more stop and got there ASAP.

I DID find a table. A nice little cheap plastic one with 4 chairs. I mean little and I mean Cheap! $17 for the set! The one I want is $500, but seriously...that is going to have to wait! So, "I'll take it", I said. Then as I walked toward the front door to leave....(GASP) there she sat! This little beauty! The one that I have been waiting for! Sitting there as if it was just WAITING for me to come by today and give her a home. So that is just what I did, and do you know how much I paid?! This bar and it's 4 DVD's in brand new condition, no shipping needed......

OH YEAH!! 50 BUCKS! I giggled my way home! In one day I made two purchases that totalled $72.32. Two purchases that had I not been in the thrift stores that day would have cost me $750! Oooo, I love that feeling!

So, now that I have it, how does it work?! Well, there are a lot of dance type moves. I mean like ballet squats & stretches and toning and ab work. 30 min. flies by SO FAST, but you leave shaking a bit and I woke up this morning SORE! I LOVE THAT!
So here is my theory about buying into infomercials: (which I generally have to avoid because, being an optimist, I am easily sold and most thinks!) There are a million things out there that you can use to work out on. The key to making anyone of them work or not work is if you like to do use them, and if you will use them. This contraption is a total winner for me! It folds flat and stores easily and it is a blast! I love it.

Oh and one more bonus......

Jake LOVES it too! Who needs a jungle gym, Honestly?!
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jill said...

oh my my my, the looks like fun! I just love a good bargain...I understand your giddines!

Courtney said...

That is the funniest thing I have ever seen... do you just "set it and forget it"? :) Is Jake ready to be roasted? Will he come out juicy? Or without any grease, thanks to George. Or will he suddenly be clean, "KABOOM!" Can you pick up a dime out of a pot of boiling water with that thing?