Friday, June 13, 2008


June is a busy month. There PLENTY of people to celebrate this month, here are just a few.

This is Caroline (Lisa's), and no those eyes are not photoshopped in any way! That's just how they are! Crazy I know! Now go look at LISA'S BLOG and try to figure out where she got those little peepers! We have NO IDEA! Anyway, my sweet Caroline is 3 years old! She is the funnest and most full of energy adventurous girl I have EVER met! I love her so much!

June 3rd was Jared & Jana's 10 year anniversary. They are yet another reason we miss living in Utah. We love spending time with these two. Jared is one of the funnest people I have ever met, and Jana is a blast too! Congrat's you two!

June 7th was Eliza's birthday. I can't believe how cute this little stinker is! I loved getting to spend time with her at Disneyland. She is so much fun and so sweet! Happy Birthday Liza-Loo!

June 9th was my Grandpa Hardy's birthday. He is 76! I can't believe he is 76! If you look back at pictures of our house you might see a huge wood vase by our entertainment center. My grandpa makes those and made that one for me, out of Quaking Aspen, which he knows is my favorite tree! I can't tell you how much I treasure that vase! My grandpa made it by hand. Swinging an axe and all! That is probably why he will live forever! I hope anyway! :) I love my grandpa so much! There is a huge HUGE spot in my heart full of the regret that I didn't spend more time with them growing up. They are a huge part of me! I love that all we seem to do when we are together is laugh!
It's funny how Grandpa used to scare the heck out of us when we were little. We knew that you NEVER make him mad! However, now, he tries to bark, but we all end up just laughing about it. He is such a teddy bear! I love him so so much!
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Jeni said...

Are those blue eyes for real??

Anonymous said...

You are so darn cute yourself... We love you....

Dad & Sondi