Friday, June 13, 2008

{Happy Birthday Grandma}

My heart almost stopped when I got a SO cute letter from my Grandma Atkinson the other day and saw this picture in the envelope with it. This is my Great Grandma Fenton. Today is her birthday! My grandma passed away when I was 13 years old. We all miss her so much! I know there is not one of us that doesn't ache when we think about how much we miss her.

I was very close to my Grandma and I love her so much! I remember standing on a chair in her kitchen learning to make pie crust & rolls. Then sitting with her under her apricot tree while she halved the apricots and she would share them with me while she told me stories. She was a fun & amazing woman! This last year I made a family cook book and included a lot of quotes out of her journals. It was so fun to go through her thoughts. She never missed a day to write down how much she loved her family. I am so thankful to have that treasure!

One of my favorite quotes, and something that totally shows you what type of person she was what this:
"We still have foggy weather. Haven't see the sun for days and days. I walked to town today to pay some bills and when I went in to pay the water bill, I said, "My it’s a beautiful day." and they all looked at me like are you crazy? And I said, "well it is, you know you should never judge the day by the weather." I had had a beautiful day. I felt good and was happy, so it was a beautiful day (to me). My mother always said "Your life is just what you make it." How true that is."

I am so grateful to have come from this woman! She had such an influence on each of us! We miss her all so much!
Happy Birthday Grandma!
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Baldwincrew-blog said...

Hi Amy thanks for visiting my blog. It's fun to see your family and all that you are up to in Idaho. Look forward to ready more about your family.

The Parker Family said...

great, great, great blog! I am so happy that you live in Hailey. My Grandparents live in Richfield. Know where that is? We love sun valley. Your family is adorable. I'll definately keep checking in on you, and ya, I need to get more of our friends blogging!

Courtney said...

What a cute lady :) I like the thing about the fog :)

Kristin and Jay said...

Ashlynn's Bday was Friday too. she was born on such a cute ladies birthday. How fun!