Thursday, April 24, 2008

The [OFFICIAL] Wedding Video

Alright, for those of you that have been patiently waiting to see the video....wait no more! This is it! I am actually quite pleased with the way it all turned out, being the first official wedding video I have ever made! We had to rush like mad, but we did actually get the temple pics on it to play for the reception!

The entire wedding was amazing! We loved it all so much! It was a perfect day, well, other than the wind, which embarrassingly enough, offered to show my lovely behind to all of Suzi's family...and guests! NICE! Nothing like looking down and seeing your skirt up your back and your big white bum hanging out for all the world to see! Unfortunately, I was not the only one! By the end of the day we all knew much more about each other, including the color of Rachel's undies...yep, it was quite a day! :)

Anyway, I will wait here for a second while you scroll down (annoying, I know) and push pause on the music....go ahead.....I will wait..... Alright great, the music is fabulous, you wouldn't want to miss it! Now sit back and give me just 8 1/2 minutes of your day! Let me know what you think! I do need constructive criticism. I do have another one to make for Kayla and Brian! OH, and the grainy-ness...well, those complaints will have to go straight to Google Video. It isn't that way on my end! Anyway, ENJOY!

OH AND...Sorry just one more thing! If you want to see some really cute pictures of the sand dunes you will have to leave your pleadings in "comments". Ryan is responsible for all of that. Being the FABULOUS husband that he is, he took all three kids camping so I could help out with the wedding stuff. ALL 3! In a tent!! Good job Babe! I don't know the story behind the pics, so that is all you! I will post more pics of wedding stuff later, but for now.......


Brian and Kara said...

Good Job Amy. Love the wedding video!

Norris Fam said...

Nice job you!

Why is it that the picture that sticks out the most in my mind is the one of Tyrell pulling the skin on his cheeks...yuck!

Courtney said...