Thursday, April 24, 2008

{Tyrel & Suzi's Wedding}

I love this pic! The only thing better would be to have Rachel in it! RACHEL!! WHERE WERE YOU....ok, I know, you were cleaning and helping like nobodies business, but we wish you would have been in here with all of us!
L to R: Kayla (sister), Mom, Lisa (sister), Abby (sister-in-law), ME

This was almost all of us from our family that was at the wedding. We are missing a few Salisbury's.
What a fun day! I think the pictures turned out great, considering the gale force winds!
Wait, look at Jake.....

Oh my, yes....that is my offspring!
L to R: Parker (my brother), Jake (I don't know him), Lydia (my niece), Kaitlyn (my niece)
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Courtney said...

That looks like a happy day!

Especially Jake, he looks VERY happy :)