Monday, January 7, 2008

Dawson got a lot of fun stuff from Santa. His favorites would have to be the little vibrating massager, which is what he gets as a reward in therapy, and his Leap Frog piano. He is really starting to understand cause and effect. If you put something in front of him that requires action for it to do anything, he will figure it out! Then he gets so proud of himself! It is really cute!
Check out this concentration! This is him really working hard to lift his arm and hit the buttons.

He really gets his tongue going when he is concentrating. It is quite cute!

All of the kids had a really fun Christmas morning! They got lots of fun toys and had lots of fun opening presents from NaNa & PaPa. Once Mal figured out that if you tear paper off the present there would be a toy inside, she was all about it, of course after figuring that out we handed her a present with PJ's in it, from Jeff & Lynne. She opened it excited until she saw the jammies. As soon as she did she threw it down, then threw herself down and cried really hard. We all had a good laugh! She is funny!
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Courtney said...

Okay, that was funny. Sydney said, "Jake was cute when he was a baby", but it's Daws!