Monday, January 7, 2008


One of our favorite stops on Christmas is Grandma & Grandpa Hardy's house (My dad's side of the family).
By the way, just so you are not confused, for those of you that don't know the insane dynamics of my family. I have been blessed with 2 dads! My parents divorsed when I was little. Clint, Lisa & I are from their marriage. My dad married Anita (Kyle & Shalise's mom, who is now married to Ernie, one of the nicest guys I have ever met), then he married Gina. He is now married to Sondi, and they live in Colorado. Then my mom married my other dad, Tim, when I was 7 and they had Tyrel, Kayla, Rachel & Parker. In the mix I was also blessed with 3 step sisters. Daelyn & Jana are Anita's and are so much dang fun! Tiffany is Gina's daughter. They both live in Texas and are doing really well, which is a blessing considering the medical trials they have gone through over the last couple of years. I love them both so much!
So, I have the Atkinsons, Salisburys & Hardys, and then some! I love it! I think as I have grown up I have really come to appreciate the dynamics in our family. We have so many people to care about and so many that care about us and have contributed a great deal to the people we become. It is just amazing!

So back to the Hardy Party..... I don't think any of us can think about Christmas without thinking about Grandpa's Funeral Potatoes. I know that sounds weird, but no one can make them the way he does. He makes a few pans of them and we all stuff ourselves until we can't breathe!
One of the things I LOVE about this side of my family is that we are almost always laughing. We all love to get together! I think this year made us all think that next should be held at a church! There were 46 of us crammed into that living room! It was nuts! Not only is there a shortage of chairs to sit on, with that many people there wasn't even floor to be found! It was quite funny!

This is where Dawson stayed for the whole thing. I think Grandma was quite content to just sit and hold him too! She was in a lot of pain on Christmas. She was scheduled for a hip replacement surgery two days later and couldn't take anything for her arthritis. She made it through her surgery perfectly and she is feeling a lot better.

Mally was so over stimulated! She was missing her nap and needing it horribly, and about as cranky as they come.....that was until she got her present from Grandpa George and Sondi. "You-qua" is the newest addition to our family. If you haven't seen the Backyardigians, it is worth a watch. SOOOO cute! Mallory now walks around singing "Pie-wat" (pirate) over and over and "Twe-sure" and saying "Argh" like a pirate. She is so funny! Thanks so much you guys for the perfect gift!
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