Monday, January 7, 2008

Mallory is learning her letters and numbers. She loves to tell you which one is which. Santa brought her a Leap Frog shopping cart, which is PERFECT for her. She loves to scan all the food and put it in her cart and push it around. It also sings to her, which is a plus because she is totally into singing right now.

For Christmas Eve we got her this little Dora nightgown. When I took her shopping with me a few weeks ago we were walking past the rack with this night gown and she reached out grabbed it and started saying "Dowa, Dowa" I didn't even know she knew who that was! I of course had to buy it! When we looked for slippers I found some cute Dora ones, but she wanted nothing to do with that when she could see the Lightening McQueen ones. That is our Mally. Dora nightgown with McQueen sticking out on the bottom! Well balanced! The only thing was that she wouldn't keep the slippers on, so we didn't get them. She is silly!
Mally and her McQueen coloring book!

This is Mallory's little fridge magnet radio. It sings number, letter and animal songs to her and she LOVES it! It is pretty darn cute!
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