Thursday, January 17, 2008

10 Years of Bliss.....and I would do it all again!

YAY!! It is our 10 year anniversary today! We have had such a fun day! This morning I went to help in Jake's school class, which is really fun! Then I came home and Ryan had arranged to have my friend Carrie watch the kids so he could take me out for a fun day! I was so excited! I had NO CLUE what he had up his sleeve, but he is always so good at planning really fun surprises! He always goes over the top and I love it!

So, our first stop was Sun Valley Ski Lodge, where Ryan bought 2 lift tickets for "foot travel". Hmmmmm.....Then we took 3 separate lifts up to the top of the mountain. Tucked in the mountain side is a restaurant called "The Roundhouse". We had such a good and fun lunch up there! It was a really nice place and so much fun! We had a guy come and play his accordion by our table and we sat by the windows with a view of the mountain. It was so nice!

After lunch we headed back down the mountain and went to Ketchum for a little bit before hitting the 4:30 showing of "The Bucket List". Pretty good movie.

We had SUCH a fun day together! It was fun to just be together and talk and reminisce about the last 10 years and how much fun we have!

Honestly we have such an amazing relationship! We love each other so much and have so much fun together! I didn't know life would be this fun! Ryan is the greatest husband! He loves us all so much and does so much to provide a great life for us! I love him more than anything!


Brian and Kara said...

My 10 year is this Nov. I was telling brian that ryan had set up a baby sitter and everything. He said he needs to talk to ryan because he is setting the bar to high.:)

Kels said...

It was soo good seeing you guys the other day...
I miss you and your family... i must come up and visit...
so much has happened that you need to be filled in on!!!

Kristin and Jay said...

K, how about Ryan secretly give Jay some tips on actually planning something =). It doesn't need to be obvious, he can just pass him a note in Elders Quorum =). What a great guy.

[BrookeO] said...

I have had so much fun scrolling thru your blog, LOVE the pics of Carrie (and Dan) I miss her so!

Forsure I will invite you to my blog and I hope you don't mind me adding you to mine.

PS your husband is crazy sleeping in the snow cave and house??!!! Hee! He!