Monday, January 14, 2008

Sun Valley Lodge Ice Sculptures

On Saturday we had a super fun day. Jake went sledding with Hunter and to play at his house, Ryan went to shoot guns with Dan Norris, then we all went with the Norris family to dinner at Desperado's and to the Sun Valley Lodge to check out the ice sculptures.
Ryan and I didn't even know that this little village was there. It is so cute! Now we need all of our family to come back up so we can show you around up there!

What a cute little family picture!

Ryan was giving the kids the ride of their lives. Dawson loved all the spinning and craziness until it messed with his equilibrium and he freaked out. Mallory lost interest in the stroller soon after that.

Dan & Carrie walking into the villiage with their kids (Syd & Callie) and Jake & Hunter.

The kids were crackin us up. They were so silly!
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Brian and Kara said...

I know isnt it crazy that they have that cute little village in sun valley it tooks us a year or so to figure out it was there. Oh and thanks for the condolences on krissa's teacher. :)

*Kellsy* said...

O My heck it was soo good to see you the other day!!

I miss you guys alot