Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Carrying On A Favorite Tradition

Mom, aren't you so proud? One of my favorite traditions was when my mom would make her "Healthy Harvest Soup" and cornbread and we would carve pumpkins. So this year my friend Carrie Norris and I were talking about our favorite Halloween traditions and we decided we were going to combine them and do them for FHE. We invited the Rands, the Hill's and had a lot of fun!

Carrie, it's a darn good thing you like me a lot, otherwise I am sure you would HATE me for posting this! :) Syd is trying to figure out what the heck her mom is thinking!

Mallory was good for a bit, but she would rather spend her time playing with Beau, the Norris' mini Yorkie, or outside. Amanda, feeling a little queasy from all the smells (gotta love pregnancy), became Mal's walking partner! Thanks Amanda!
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