Friday, November 9, 2007

Pretty Princess!

Mallory had so much fun dressing up for Halloween! She was really getting into it! While I was curling her hair she just sat there so still babbling away. It was a sweet mommy/daughter moment. So fun! I asked her if she wanted make up and she responded with a "yeah". We put a little bit on her and when we were done, I stood her up in front of the mirror and she said, "Snow White, Mally Cute". So funny!

We went to our church for a trunk or treat. We had a lot of fun. Mallory was TOTALLY into it. She started by running to each trunk and saying, "treat, pees" and "thank you" when they gave her one. After a little bit entitlement took over and it was just run from trunk to trunk as fast as you can for more candy!
This year I learned a little secret that brought back my love for this holiday. One of my friends told me about the "Switch Witch". The part about Halloween that drives me crazy is all of the candy and the wrappers all over the place. That problem was solved with smiles on all of our faces! We told Jake that the Switch Witch was going to come the day after Halloween. She allows you to choose go through all of your candy and choose 5 of your favorites, then you set the rest of the candy out for her. She comes and trades your bag of candy for a toy. YAY!!
Jake figured out that the Switch Witch was me, but he didn't care. He just wanted a Tech Deck (little skate boarding guys). I was happy to oblige! $3.50 toy was an easy trade for me. No sugar crashing and onry kids! YAY! Mallory got a little toy horse that she carries all over the place. This is seriously one of the best secrets I have learned! :)

Isn't this such a pretty dress?! So cute!

What a pretty pretty girl!

Mallory was excited that Syd and Callie were Princesses too! She loves Syd and Callie! I think they are a little fond of her too!
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Courtney said...

She's so precious! Princess dresses are too much fun!